Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP) is one of the world largest Non-profitable R&D Association operating under Technoarete Research and Development professional association meant for research development and promotion in the field of engineering and technology. IFERP is a paramount body which has brought technical revolution and sustainable development of science and technology.

IFERP connect engineers exchange global innovation and act as a bridge between Researchers & Academicians by organizing International Conferences, World Conferences, Faculty Development Programmer, Workshops, Seminars, in nook and corners of the worlds through our globally distributed executive committee members to reduce the gap between curriculum and their practical implementation among students and research scholars.



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IFERP members are playing an active role by being in the organizing committee, editorial board, reviewers committee and advisory board of International conferences, events. IFERP is the operating unit consisting of professional chapters, members, collaborated institutes and it's operating for the field of science, engineering and technology to meet the vision and mission of our parent organization Technoarete Research and Development Association (TRADA)   View More
Serving Humanity with science is our journey with few milestone of activity to contribute to society. Our beloved children with basic needs are being served by our volunteers and activities to weep tears in faces of our future generations.   View More
Financial constraints should not stop researchers to implement their dream innovations. Research scholars can apply for Grants and Funding in selected areas of science, engineering and technology.
Being a Non-profitable professional association IFERP encourages students with financial constraints to complete their dream innovation by funding their research work through its “Research Funding”. IFERP funds number of students and youth working in research and development in automobile, energy resources and many other fields which are essential to sustain the advanced science in next generation. The organization funds many research Institute colleges working to develop Science, engineering and technology used for humanity.   View More

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Digital object identifiers is a unique number allocated to each research paper published by IFERP. View More

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Bestowed with nature and scope of research, since medieval and ancient times Northern India has been reach in academic growth since several decades, growth of Indus valley civilization gave northern India a reach and diversify social & cultural assembly. With several Universities, colleges and government aided scientific institutes to make our services reach potential researchers. IFERP formed on exclusive section to operate in the northern sector of India.

Constituting academically advanced states like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP and Uttarakhand, we have given our best to fasten growth of scientific activities. In last half a decade several International Conference were organized in capital city of our country which were provided to be an excellent centre for intellectual interaction.

To further strengthen academic and scientific resources in North India. We at IFERP are giving our best effort to integrated researchers working in different fields of science engineering and technology. Research scholar and students of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, UP and Uttarakhand are being provide with scope for publication of scholarly articles in our journals and transactions. To provide interactions scopes for scientific interaction, we have schedule conferences and development programs with our though provoking renowned global speakers by which grassroots of northern India will avail a academic boom.

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Making our service reach our potential professional is our priority. Our governance, operations and development of States of India could be achieved with region based services. Our managing committee formed a special sectors to streamline academic and scientific development in southern states of India like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana with our focused Zonal operation at Southern India.

Professional Bodies research institutes, college and Universities of Southern India were needed to be integrated with exchange of ideas and research to be bring changes in existing systems. IFERP collaborated with colleges and Universities of southern India to form zonal chapters with its center of operation based at Chennai. From year 2013 by the mid of 2017 we organized more than eighty global standard scientific events in developing and well established organizing colleges and Universities of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana & Pondicherry. Several world class conferences were organized in convention centre of cities in South India with thousands of scholarly presentation to further researches our added values.

Institutional Chapter and collaboration of colleges, Universities of research students were done to stream line the process of professed integrated of a very faster rate. Brilliant scopes of scientific infrastructure were provided by giving opportunities to professional faculties and Research scholar of Southern India to be part of our determined journey to contribute to national advancement.

At later part professional of southern India whole hearty welcome our Institutes with open arms by joining up us reviewers, committee members, editors and advisors. Cumulative contribution at their knowledge could make the difference, so that we did at IFERP.

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History reverberates the glory and valour of Maratha and their courage to make India Independent. Gujarat being one of the developed state provides to be the business paradise of India.

Western India is sound and strong with Universities having scopes of academicians and science with developed and populated states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Cities of Maharashtra and Gujarat have many research institutes, incubation centre, centre of excellence in colleges and Universities.

Excessive growth of academics with connectivity between professionals to streamline the development of science was needed which made us form an exclusive section to meet our goals of scientific development.

Making Pune, one of the academic capital of India as centre we started IFERP Pune Chapter. To step ahead with our Maratha members, we collaborated with best Universities and technical colleges in Pune to organize series of conference and scientific events with a mission to bring the academic world to western India.IFERP Pune was created by IFERP and Technoarete associates with various researchers exchange programme between IFERP Pune chapter and international universities in collaboration with us.

Our managing committee realized focusing on developed cities like Pune and Mumbai won’t make the different , rather remote and developing areas of Maharashtra needs focus. With support of our local professionals, we collaborated with colleges at Kolhapur and nearby places to start exclusive chapter there. With same vision and to redefine our activities we too started IFERP Nagpur chapter by integrating top professionals across Nagpur.

We believe our strong dedication and determination along with contribution of our members will definitely bring changes in science, technology and academics in western India by year 2020.

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IFERP Eastern Zone constitutes of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha and also the Seven Sister States (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura) of our country. Bestowed with the beauty of nature and vibrant, socio and economic culture eastern zone includes top IIT’s, NIT’s, research centre as well as innovation centre related to military and missile technology.

IFERP and its associated organization with the support of its local members is tried is level best to integrated R&D scopes of eastern states of our country be power centre of scientific innovation.

Our Organization welcomes colleges & Universities to start professional chapters and centre of excellence in their campus. IFERP is committed since last decade to provide excellent academic services on scientific publication & events.

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Globalizing Innovation is a commitment of IFERP where we believe in exchange of potential professionals all across the world. With the determination of no limitation we expanded our professional network to Middle East, South East, Asia, Gulf Countries, Europe, Africa, & United States.

With our associated ventures we have left our foot prints of our scientific activities at Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Copenhagen, Dubai, Hamburg and many other cities across the globe. IFERP successful created a strong network of International professionals being a part of this journey as editorial board members, reviewers, advisors and speakers.

Our publications are incomplete without vibrant, eternity and races of reviewers and authors based worldwide.

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Engaging academics in rigorous interactions about updated scopes in their field is very important. IFERP interacts with its associates with theme of current technologies at conferences, scientific events, professionals meetings, workshops.

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Connecting engineers and developing research is our tag line and we at IFERP have dedicated towards it commits of IFERP favor’s enhancements and incubation of scientific studies through integrated interactions.

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Research & Development Assistance

Being one of the largest multi-disciplinary R & D Association IFERP is dedicated towards contribution to science, Engineering & Technology.

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