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At IFERP, we define key skills as transferable skills - those attributes that can be developed and applied as well as also transferred to a variety of situations. We believe the transferable development of skills should be the focus of every modern skill development program. Increasingly, the focus is on students and early-career professionals gaining skills in a wide variety of subject areas and attributes that might be outside of their normal set of skills.

Today, key skills are identified as important by potential employers, who use them to assess each candidate and their suitability for use. Formulating these attributes and skills is the essence of IFERPs Skill Development Programs. These programs equip students and professionals with the key skills they need to excel in the professional world. IFERP ensures that our Skill Development Programs offer training, seminars, and events that conform to global standards.

Upcoming Skill Development Programs

'How to avoid common mistakes to Publish in High Impact Journals'

Points to be discussion
Abstract: Not structured and balanced , Introduction: No novelty, not aligned with the contents, too long, no clear objectives , Results and discussions: Poor figures, no critical interpretation, Conclusions: Not aligned with objectives, very short

Date : 28/06/2024 | Time : 02:30 PM (IST)

The four key domains to identify the skills needed by all participants:

Domain A - Intellectual Knowledge & Skills
  • Research skills and techniques (skills to conduct research)
  • Project-specific skills (any specific skills)
Domain B - Personal Effectiveness
  • Personal effectiveness (to achieve research objectives)
  • Career management (professional development)
Domain C - Governance & Organization Of Research
  • Research environment (i.e. understanding of context, ethics, and integrity)
  • Research management (project & research)
Domain D - Engagement, Influence & Impact
  • Communication skills (to engage with diverse audiences)
  • Networking and teamwork (to understand and influence behaviors)
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