Diversity Equity & Inclusion at IFERP

IFERP strives to learn, reflect, and act to empower all members of our community to integrate anti-exclusionism into our institution's research activities and operations. These efforts extend to all facets of our engagements – from the strategizing, design, and execution of research activities, to the devising of new partnerships and collaborations, to the equitable dissemination of research findings and our organization's support and recognition of the global research community.

Every one of the values ​​of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility are deeply embedded into IFERPs institutional culture and our community. We are of the firm belief that they are the very fabric of our effort to advance discovery and innovation in Science, Engineering, and Technology. To this end, IFERP has developed a strategic plan to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its research and innovation endeavors, research publication activities, and international conferencing agendas.

IFERP recognizes and fully values the many diverse experiences and identities offered by each member of our global community. These differences are strengths in that they allow us to explore pressing issues from different angles, without which we wouldn’t be able to bear fruit in our activities.


IFERP has taken many remarkable initiations in providing technical education to many differently able children in India as well as many Southeast Asian countries. The professionals of IFERP have granted free Industrial courses to youth with financial constraints which have helped them to make their space in society. The organization also engages its staff and members to provide free technical curriculum to unemployed youths to provide a scope of employment.

Contribution towards Nation

IFERP – Institute For Educational Research And Publication is one of the world’s largest non-profitable professional associations meant for research development and promotion in the field of Engineering and Technology governed by Technoarete Research And Development Association.

IFERP provides a world class stage to the professionals, academicians and research scholars to share their ideas and publish their research works by Organizing International Conferences, International Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Symposia etc. IFERP expects to make innovations happen with research and development that are pursued under the purpose of contribution to the society.

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