History of IFERP

The Institute For Educational Research and Publication (IFERP) was established as a professional organization in 2012 to address the need for a specialized R & D incubation support facilitator in the Indian subcontinent. A group of eminent and visionary Professionals, Professors, and Scientists centered in Southern India founded the organization. At its very first meeting, which took place in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the board of people officially established IFERP by passing a resolution.

IFERP began operating autonomously until the beginning of 2014 when the Technoarete organization eventually took control. The first conference organized by IFERP under the Technoarete Organization, "International Conference on Internet of Things," took place on March 23, 2014, in Chennai, India. Representatives from all around the world and a number of distinguished international speakers were present.

The sheer interest, engagement, and attention that the organization received from the scientific research and tech communities in these areas made it possible for IFERP to truly call itself global research assistance, propagation, and development organization of the masses.

IFERP Statistics

Our statistics are based on consistency, accuracy, and timeliness. IFERP investigates research methodology and academic development by identifying required skills among existing members, institutions, and industries. This has enabled IFERP to organize valuable events, which has consistently resulted in an increase in members and partners all over the world.

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