IFERP Chapters Connect Engineering Professionals Globally, Forging Powerful International Communities.

IFERP Chapter Officers are responsible for maintaining the frequency and quality of activity in their region and promoting member-specific activities. They must be able to:

  • File yearly financial and activity reports,
  • Record changes in officials and contact information, and
  • Follow membership, meeting sponsorship, and money management standards
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Ideas for Chapter Activities

  • Invite one of IFERP’s Distinguished Speakers to speak to your chapter members.
  • Plan the event with other local groups and promote it to attract a large audience or new members.
  • Invite three or four tech industry professionals and plan the event with chapter members. This encourages dialogue and idea-sharing.
  • Screenings are great opportunities to show locally-made short films or new animated flicks.
  • Joint gatherings allow members to network with local experts. Professional Chapters may educate and advise local Student Chapters.
  • Host a mixer, dinner, or dessert party to mingle. Encourage interaction and idea-sharing. Bowling alleys, pubs, restaurants, or a park may be made use of to organize similar activities for a variety.
  • Join a local sports league. This will enhance chapter solidarity and competitiveness.
  • Holiday parties include food, beverages, games, and prizes. These functions serve as fantastic opportunities to meet members and officials.

Ideas for Student Chapter Activities

  • Invite an eminent speaker to speak on a key topic related to the area of special interest.
  • Connect students with professionals in their desired career field for shadowing.
  • For mentoring, pair the students with members of the IFERP global technical community and older students.
  • Invite volunteers to sign up for a time slot to tutor students in a subject in which they are trying to cope.
  • Motivate fellow students and professors to contribute to scientific studies and earn grant funding by submitting scientific papers to the IFERP journal.
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