IFERP Membership FAQ

1. Q. How long it will take to receive Membership Certificate ?
Ans:Once you sign up as a member manually you can download the certificate from dashboard. link: Click Here

2. Q. Is there any Lifetime membership fee ?
Ans: Yes, there are Lifetime membership fees.

3. Q. Do I get any discount as IFERP Member ?
Ans: Yes, Discounts will be given for IFERP Premium membership based on categories.

4. Q. When can I upgrade my membership ?
Ans: If you are Student /Professional/ Senior Professional Member you have to upgrade once a year or you shall subscribe for maximum 5 years at once.

5. Q. What are the benefits of IFERP Member ?
Ans: Special Benefits in International conferences organized by IFERP
Benefits in research articles for publications
Exposure to scientific Community across state as well country level

6. Q. Where can I find information about conference discounts ?
Ans: IFERP Sponsoring more than 100 conferences a year over the globe concession will vary based on the geographical location. To know more about the benefits you can check it out conference website or contact our coordinator.

7. Q. Is membership compulsory to get monetary discounts ?
Ans: Yes, to get monetary discounts you need to upgrade your membership to Premium member.

8. Q. How to upgrade my free membership to Premium ?
Ans: If you are having IFERP free membership contact our Membership team to requisition.

9. Q Who can become an IFERP Member ?
Ans: You can join by simply submitting your details in our membership portal. Available categories are :
Student Free / Premium Membership : if you are pursuing UG or PG and contributing in engineering field
Professional Free / Premium Membership : For the individuals serving as Assistant/Associate Professors / HOD/Principal/Dean who are working in engineering field.

10. Q. What is the pricing for IFERP membership ?
Ans: Pricing plan will differ based on the categories to know more about that please visit below page link

11. Q. How can I get discounts in IFERP conferences as a premium member ?
Ans: Discounts will vary to every conference though as premium member share your Premium Membership ID with respective conference coordinator to eligible for VIP discounts.

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