IFERP Special Interest Chapter

IFERP fosters the advancement of research and development by supporting engineering workshops & Short Term Training courses to inspire young engineers, research scholars and students from different disciplines across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Join IFERP community as a member to connect with peer professionals, work together, and advance your career in performing a variety of complex jobs using AL and ML.

Robotics and Automation

Join the IFERP Robotics and Automation community to exchange ideas, make contributions, and gain knowledge on cutting-edge technological developments.

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Join the IFERP Data Mining community to discuss and work on data analysis using the parameters and indicators that have been applied to the current market trend.

Big Data and Smart Cities

Join the IFERP Big Data community today to learn about new products and services, conferences, webinars, publications, and other opportunities.

Cloud Computing

Join the IFERP Cloud Computing group today to stay up-to-date by accessing the best conferences, webinars, and cloud computing research journals.

Blockchain Community

Join the IFERP Blockchain community for free to get updates on events and knowledge resources, including the biggest blockchain conferences, webinars, and blockchain research publications.

Brain Community

Join the IFERP Brain community right now to receive updates on high-profile conferences, webinars, and publications.

Cybersecurity Community

Join the IFERP Cybersecurity community and access crucial learning material, cybersecurity conferences and events, career opportunities, and more.

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