IFERP Conference FAQ

1. Q. Can you sponsor our travel and accommodation ?

Ans:Having been founded as well as currently being run as an entirely non-profit entity, IFERP unfortunately does yet have the means to be able to bear the travel and accommodation expenses of potential participants of our conferences. IFERP can however offer support in this regard by putting those seeking such financial assistance by directing to those organizations that do have such schemes in place for people to avail of financial aid for conference participation, travel, and accommodation.

2. Q. Can you provide me with the invitation letter of the conference ?

Ans: Of course, IFERP will be formally extending invitations to participants by issuing Official Letters OfInvition in conference letterhead right after their registration formalities have been completed successfully. These letters may be used for applying for travel permits, official leaves, funding, etc.

3. Q. Can I bring another person to the conference to accompany me ?

Ans: Yes, however, an additional Accompanying Person fee will have to be paid in order for them to be able to be allowed into the conference venue and participate in the conference.

4. Q. How to find an upcoming international conference ?

Ans: Discovering the right international conference that will help you fulfil every one of your learning, networking, and career growth objectives is simply a matter of checking out the IFERP Upcoming Conference Listing

5. Q. How do I submit an abstract submission paper ?

Ans: Presenting your abstract at any one of IFERP’s global conferences can help you raise awareness of your groundbreaking research insights and findings.Look up our Abstract Submission, to learn more about how to prepare, format, and submit the perfect abstract.

6. Q. What is the use of attending educational international conferences ?

Ans: Aside from getting to pad up your CV with mentions of participation in high-level IFERP international conferences, conferencing allows you to fulfill all the career, learning or research goals that you many have.

Attending the best international conferences can open doors to -
  • Lucrative career opportunities,
  • Possibilities for collaboration with reputable professionals,
  • Form lifelong friendships and bonds with like-minded people,
  • Learning about the latest research insights, data, and knowledge in your field, and
  • Raising awareness of your research work, to name a few.

7. Q. How to write research articles ?

Ans: Writing research articles comes naturally to some while others find it incredibly daunting. Whichever category you fall into, you will benefit tremendously from some expert guidance, suggestions, and tips on how to nail your research article writing, so that no journal will be able to refuse your manuscript.
Check out this article for detailed guidelines on the art of refined research article writing.

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