Research Funding

Research Funding

Financial constraints should not stop researchers to implement their dream innovations. Research scholars can apply for Grants and Funding in selected areas of science, engineering and technology.

Being a Non-profitable professional association IFERP encourages students with financial constraints to complete their dream innovation by funding their research work through its “Research Funding”. IFERP funds number of students and youth working in research and development in automobile, energy resources and many other fields which are essential to sustain the advanced science in next generation. The organization funds many research Institute colleges working to develop Science, engineering and technology used for humanity.

Call for Proposal

As, we believe transforming India could be contributed by intellectuals of IFERP with our strong determination and dedication to academics of research. With regards to our upcoming proposals expected for funding, we are issuing "Call for Proposal" on certain areas related to clean and digital India like.

  • Green Technologies
  • Waste Management
  • Clean India
  • Smart City
  • Disaster Management

Members of IFERP (with post doctorate) are requested to give their valuable consent to be an integrated part of these "Call for Proposal", if they have any research relevance to above mentioned fields. Professional member are welcome to be associated in this noble cause of transforming India by joining this as a

  • Reviewer for proposal
  • Scientific Adviser
  • Research Consulting and many other ways.

Professionals and Student members of IFERP can submit proposal (if any) for research funding by IFERP and necessary funding agencies.

Hence, I request you all our beloved members of IFERP to contribute towards advancement of India with their skills, knowledge and experience in science and technologies.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Green Technologies, Waste Management, Clean India, Smart City and Disaster Management Project



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