About Us


The Institute for Educational Research and Publication (IFERP) stands as a pioneering force in the organization of the "AI & Its Applications: Transforming Industries and Society" conference. IFERP is a distinguished professional association committed to advancing knowledge in the fields of engineering, science, and technology. Devoted to promoting innovation, collaboration, and the dissemination of knowledge, IFERP plays a pivotal role in orchestrating conferences that serve as crucibles for intellectual exchange.

What We Do
  • Convenient Access to Academic Resources: IFERP advocates for accessibility to academic resources, ensuring that aspiring researchers and scholars worldwide can tap into a wealth of knowledge.
  • Diverse Educational Programs: The institute organizes public education programs, workshops, conferences, webinars, seminars, guest lectures, short-term training programs, and faculty development programs across the expansive domains of engineering, science, and technology.
  • Innovation and Trends: IFERP is dedicated to staying at the forefront of inquisitiveness, innovation, and the exploration of recent trends and developments in dynamic engineering and technology fields.
  • Collaboration: Recognizing the power of collaboration, IFERP actively engages in knowledge sharing by collaborating with universities, organizations, and associations. This collaborative approach aims to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Mission & Vision

Mission : “Upskilling the knowledge hub through technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity”

Vision : “A Digitally equipped robust, dynamic & swift professional community integrating academics & industry for upgraded technical knowledge implementation.”


IFERP believes that there is always a better way to treat the professionals by providing them a world class stage by organizing conferences. We are committed to doing the following activities:-

We encourage convenient access to academic resources and support for all the aspirants and research scholors in urban and rural areas.

IFERP organizes public education programmes, Workshops, Conferences, Webinars, Seminars, Guest Lectures, Short Term Training Programme, Faculty Development programme in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology.

IFERP is dedicated to inquisitiveness, innovations and recent trends and developments in the field of Engineering & Technology.

IFERP believes in knowledge sharing by collaborating with other Universities, organizations/Associations, to bring a better tomorrow.