Submission FAQ

Submission FAQ

  • Q.1. How can I submit my abstract for the AI & Its Applications conference?

    Ans: To submit your abstract, visit our online submission platform and follow the step-by-step guidelines for a seamless submission process.

  • Q.2. What are the criteria for a successful abstract submission?

    Ans: Ensure your abstract is original, clear, and concise (200-250 words), aligning with the conference theme. Don't forget to include a brief biography along with your submission.

  • Q.3. What is the acknowledgment process after abstract submission?

    Ans: Expect an email confirming receipt within three working days of your abstract submission.

  • Q.4. How does the abstract evaluation process work?

    Ans: Your abstract undergoes a double-blind peer review by our dedicated scientific committee, considering factors like originality, significance, and clarity.

  • Q.5. What happens after my abstract gets accepted?

    Ans: Congratulations! You'll receive instructions for full paper submission. Ensure your full paper adheres to the specified guidelines.

  • Q.6. What are the guidelines for full paper submission?

    Ans: Full papers should range from 6-8 pages in double-column format, providing a comprehensive exploration of your research. Submit your manuscript in English, meticulously checked for grammatical accuracy.

  • Q.7. How long does it take to receive acknowledgment for full paper submission?

    Ans: Expect timely acknowledgment within 2-4 days of submitting your full paper.

  • Q.8. Can I make modifications to my paper after the final submission date?

    Ans: Unfortunately, no modifications to papers will be accepted after the final submission date. Ensure your submission is final and adheres to all guidelines.