Purpose of attend intellectual property Challenges in Engineering, Science and Technology Webinar

All things begin with a simple idea or a thought. From a simple thought, an idea can be built upon and developed into a fully functional invention intended to address a challenge or a necessity, making life easier for the human race. Today, more than ever, an idea is worth far more than just its weight in gold. Inventions and ideas can transform the future forever. They have tremendous implications on the way things continue to exist and will be perceived as time goes by. Inventions across all fields, especially technological ones being made by Engineers and Scientists, are worth millions and sometimes even billions of dollars. Inventions such as the iPhone heralded the age of smartphones and made its makers as well as their company Apple into the global powerhouse today. 

Other inventions such as the Google search engine, which although not a physical invention is still worth hundreds of billions of dollars. This search engine is an algorithm (or program) but it is still an invention for all intents and purposes. Can you imagine what would have happened if the inventors of this search engine (which is basically an algorithm) had it stolen by someone else? They would not be the billionaires that they are today. Instead, someone else in possession of this algorithm, who might have managed to patent it under their own name, would own the rights to the search engine and made a name for themselves. 

If you are one such inventor in the field of Engineering, Science, or Technology who has already invented numerous things – physical mechanisms, objects, or otherwise (such as programs, etc) or are someone who is on the verge of making some groundbreaking discoveries, then it is imperative that you protect your inventions at all costs by getting them patented, copyrighted, and trademarked. However, professionals such as yourself are unaware of how to go about doing so, and therefore end up delaying the protection of their intellectual property (which makes their safety even more vulnerable as time goes by). They often get stuck trying to acquire as much information as possible. 

To address this very issue, IFERP (one of the world’s most reputable growth facilitating platforms for Engineers, Scientists, and Technology professionals) is organizing the highly anticipated ‘IP Challenges in engineering, Science, and Technology – Advanced Concepts‘ webinar. This extraordinary five-day intellectual property webinar is slated to take place from the 7th to the 11th of August, 2020. With five two-hour sessions (from 5 to 7 PM) over the course of five days, participants of this webinar will get to know all the ins and outs of how intellectual property works and how to go about protecting their inventions, creative works, ideas, etc. Detailed below are all the topics that will be discussed over the course of these five days, in each session. 

  • Session #1 

Introduction to Intellectual Property and Intellectual Property Rights

  • Taking part in the first session of this intellectual property webinar 2020 is imperative for all, even those who may already be aware of what intellectual property is and what intellectual property rights are. 
  • This is because changes to laws and regulations surrounding – 
    • intellectual property rights, 
    • copyrights, 
    • trademarks, and 
    • patenting regulations,

are being made constantly.

  • It can be pretty difficult for engineers, scientists, and technology professionals to constantly keep track of these changes and updates to IP rights laws. 
  • This session will help set up a good basis of understanding on all these subjects for participants so that they will be equipped with the necessary basic knowledge that’s required to be able to understand the advanced concepts that will be discussed in subsequent sessions. 
  • Participants will get to know from leading Intellectual Property Rights specialists and experts, from all over the planet, on – 
    • what the different types of intellectual property rights are, 
    • what intellectual property rights basically entail, 
    • how they apply to Engineers, Scientists, and Technology professionals,
    • why awareness on IP rights is absolutely crucial for inventors and thinkers from these fields, as well as, 
    • how failing to thing about these topics can lead to your intellectual property being stolen and misused.
  • Session #2

Challenges in Science Intellectual Property Rights and Management

  • Most professionals are under the impression that acquiring a patent, a trademark, or copyright for their invention is the by all and end-all of them ensuring the protection of their intellectual property.
  • This is nevertheless far from the fact of the matter because there are numerous loopholes and challenges that plague intellectual property laws, rules, and regulations, as they are today. 
  • These loopholes can be easily exploited, leaving those inventors who are feeling secure about the safety of their intellectual property incredibly vulnerable without their knowledge. 
  • Fraudsters and intellectual property thieves who are constantly on the prowl trying to exploit such loopholes take such vulnerable professionals by surprise and often end up successfully stealing their inventions and intellectual property. 
  • Therefore, it is incredibly important for all professionals (even those who have already secured their intellectual property) to be aware of the challenges that IP rights, patenting, trademark, and copyright laws all across the planet are facing today. 
  • The speakers expected to speak in this session of the IP challenges engineering webinar will not only remind participants of every one of these loopholes and challenges but also offer suitable solutions in a comprehensive manner. 
  • They will also offer crucial guidance on what the best methodologies and techniques are for proactively and efficiently managing one’s IP portfolio, without undergoing too much stress and strain, and without having to spend any extra money by hiring a third-party IP portfolio management company. 
  • Session #3

Handling and Management of IP portfolios with a focus on engineering, Science & Technology

  • IP rights regulations and laws vary from discipline to discipline, as there are numerous intricacies involved that have to be separately addressed in each and every field. 
  • This holds true especially in the disciplines of Engineering, Science, and Technology, where intellectual property entails numerous things and takes various forms, making IP rights in these disciplines a pretty complex and convoluted matter. 
  • Professionals from these fields, therefore, often field burdened by these complexities and end up getting fed up trying to understand what is what exactly. 
  • In this session professionals such as – 
    • veteran inventors and research professionals from the fields of Engineering, Science, and Technology, and 
    • expert IP portfolio management professionals (specializing in the effective handling of IP portfolios pertaining to the fields of Engineering, Science, and Technology),
    • will offer their insights on how professionals from these fields can easily manage their IP portfolios on their own, without having to resort to paid services and third-party handlers. 
  • After all, one’s intellectual property should be kept as closely guarded as possible, and leaving your entire IP portfolio in the hands of an unknown third-party might make it vulnerable to theft and gross misuse. 
  • The crucial tips, tricks, and suggestions that one will obtain from this session will prove to be highly useful to all inventors from these fields. 
  • Session #4

Patent drafting in the field of engineering, Science & Technology

  • After the first sessions, all participants of this webinar will be well aware of exactly what this webinar is about.
  • They will realize the full significance of this Webinar for IP challenges engineering and technology, and the importance of the issues being discussed and why being aware of this subject matter is incredibly crucial to their careers, inventions, and creative works. 
  • Participants will, therefore, be eager to find out exactly how to go about protecting their webinars and what the best, easiest and quickest ways to acquiring patents are. 
  • In this session, veteran researchers and inventors who already have hundreds of patents under their name will offer their knowledge, tips, tricks, suggestions, and expert advice on how to go about acquiring patents. 
  • They will discuss –
    • what sort of patents apply to particular types of inventions, 
    • how to approach patenting, 
    • where to acquire patenting forms, 
    • how to fill up these forms, 
    • why it is crucial to fill up patent forms and documents as accurately as possible in order to prevent any mistakes or errors (which can prove to be incredibly detrimental to the protection of your intellectual property),
    • how to submit these forms in an accurate manner, 
    • whether or not to seek legal advice before filling up and submitting a patent form and documents, in order to iron-out the finer details about your invention and intellectual property,
    • what to do after obtaining a patent for your invention, etc. 
  • Session #5

Intellectual Property Rights in Science, Engineering, and Technology 

  • This session will offer very specific and broad insights on IP rights with respect to intellectual property and inventions being generated across all sub-disciplines within the fields of Engineering, Science, and Technology.
  • This is a must-attend session for all engineers, scientists, and technology professionals, working in industries such as – 
    • software,
    • information technology, 
    • civil engineering, 
    • mechanical engineering, 
    • hardware manufacturing, 
    • biotechnology, 
    • biomedical engineering, etc. 

The Numerous Benefits Of Partaking In This Life-Changing Webinar

Aside from getting to know everything about how intellectual property rights work, why they are important, why it is important to protect your inventions, and how you can go about doing so quickly and effectively, you as a participant will also obtain numerous other added perks including – 

  • an incredible e-certificate issued by IFERP, which you can use to boost your resume and acquire lucrative career opportunities;
  • one-free IFERP membership for no charge whatsoever, by which you can obtain exclusive access to world-class study material, front-row seats at global events, conferences, seminars, all upcoming webinars 2020, etc, and much more; 
  • exclusive networking opportunities that you can avail, to meet, interact and form close professional partnerships with domain experts and specialists from your field and discipline;
  • the recorded version of the entire webinar and a detailed webinar PDF, which you can refer to any time if you wish to brush up on concepts at any point of time, or clarify doubts; 
  • full-scale professional research assistance from research veterans and inventors who have decades of experience in conducting pioneering research work across diverse fields within Engineering, Science, and Technology.  

Save Your Slot As Registrations Are Pouring In From Across The World

Now that you are aware of exactly what will be discussed in this webinar and all the benefits that you are guaranteed obtain, are you eager to take part? Then, you might want to hurry and register webinar as soon as possible, because slots are filling up faster than we expected them to, as engineers, scientists, and professionals engaged in diverse tech fields, from all over the planet are registering.

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