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What makes for a compelling Research Article Abstract – Attend This 2023 Webinar

One of the biggest problems plaguing research professionals (however talented they may be) from getting their manuscripts accepted by top journals and publications in their field, is a mediocre or weak research abstract. The ‘Abstract’ section of any research article or paper details offers a brief summarization of the entire article or paper and gives the reader an idea or gist about what the entire paper/article is all about. On reading the abstract of a research article/paper, one should be able to gain an idea about – 

  • what the topic of research is, 
  • why the topic of focus is of significance to the field and its value to the modern world,
  • what the objectives of the research study or exploration are, 
  • what the research methodologies being employed by the researchers are, and
  • what the findings or conclusions of the research study are. 

This is used to not only help students, academics, scholars, fellow researchers, and others (whoever might be interested such material or gaining relevant knowledge) to easily be able to determine if a paper/article is what they’re looking for, but also to create a certain degree of curiosity and intrigue in the reader, urging them to continue reading the paper until the very end. An upcoming webinar, is being organized by IFERP, to offer research professionals insight in this exact area.

When it comes to getting successfully accepted by a high-impact journal or publication, preparing a compelling abstract that the reviewing, editorial, or any other committee that a journal might have in place to vet applications, will find compelling and intriguing enough, to want to publish the paper, is absolutely key. Most researchers either overlook the importance of a powerful abstract or are completely unaware, which is why they find their applications being rejected time and again.

Many of these professionals simply get rejected because of weak and boring abstracts and not because of either their lackluster research work or the unintriguing nature of it. These researchers often highly talented find that they’re simply not able to get past the application stage of the research publication process. Such people end up having their incredible findings (which are often of a groundbreaking nature) published in sub-standard journals and publications, where they will most likely not receive the attention or credit that they deserve for their excellent and pioneering work. After all, the entire objective for publishing one’s research findings is to gain popularity and become recognized as someone within the academic community who is proficient at carrying out high-level research studies as well as finding feasible solutions to the most pressing problems and challenges of our time. 

Detailed below are all the factors that one should keep in mind when setting about to write an abstract for their research paper, that they intend on sending along with their application to the journal of their choice.

  • Highlighting The Uniqueness & Originality Of Your Research
    • Top journals and publications (in the interest of enlargening their reader base and retaining their existing readers) are only interested in publishing studies that are entirely unique and haven’t been explored before. 
    • The only way for a top journal to maintain its reputability is to abstain from being boring and publish articles and papers that offer their readers insight into the most groundbreaking research work of our time. 
    • Therefore, it makes sense that any application which does not make the screening committees of these journals believe that the research carried out is genuinely unique and hasn’t been explored previously, will make the cut. 
    • The introduction of your abstract should begin by offering the screening committee (in charge of vetting applications) of the journal that you are applying to, a clear idea of why – 
      • the topic that you are exploring hasn’t been explored previously (at least to the extent that you have), 
      • the significance that the topic possess to the future of your discipline, and 
      • the pioneering nature of the research that you have carried out. 
    • Hitting all of these targets is bound to have your application accepted without much ado, by the screening committee of any top, high-impact journal that you wish to apply to. 
    • The upcoming webinar organized by IFERP, where stalwarts of the scientific publication field, who have years of experience working at globally reputed engineering, science, and technology journals, will delve into this in detail. 
  • Highlight The Significance Of Your Findings
    • While making sure to make the uniqueness of your research topic as apparent as possible, remains a vital part of preparing an abstract, the same applies to making the importance of the findings of your research study, also as blatantly obvious as possible.
    • After all, the findings or outcomes of a research project are the entire reason why researchers undertake the study in the first place, and why readers (including academics, scholars, students, and others) are eager to read research papers. 
    • Many research professionals, not just the amateur ones but even the experienced, often overlook the importance of doing so. 
  • Be As Genuine As Possible
    • Although it is vital that the abstract for your paper, which you intend on submitting as part of your application to a journal of your choice, be as intriguing and alluring as it can be, it is crucial to keep things in perspective. 
    • The members of the screening committee at top journals go through hundreds (if not thousands) of applications each day. 
    • These professionals have an eye for detail and can spot phony or overhyped abstracts and applications a mile away. 
    • That is why, while preparing the abstract for your research paper (which you intend on submitting as part of your application to the journal that you wish to have your article/paper published in), it is important to bear in mind that over-exaggeration doesn’t pay off. 
    • Instead, being as genuine as possible and not exaggerating any claims with regards to the –
      • uniqueness of your research topic, 
      • groundbreaking nature of your findings, 
      • innovativeness of the research methodologies employed, 
      • significance of your research work to your field, 
      • importance of your research outcomes (in terms of solving modern-day challenges), 

will definitely ensure that your abstract will catch the eye of the screening committee. 

Advantages Of This Webinar Series

  • If you’re someone who wants, more than anything, to learn the secrets of how to apply successfully to a high-impact journal and get accepted, then you should seriously think about taking part in the ‘Research Article Writing and Publications – Advanced Concepts’ webinar 2023 series organized by IFERP. 
  • This webinar series which will take place over five days, from the 1st of August up until the 5th of August 2020, is guaranteed to be a revolutionary event for research professionals. 
  • In five two-hour sessions conducted over the five-day period, this webinar for research article writing will seek to enlighten participants on various topics such as – 
    • Knowing the difference between the different forms of research publication 
      • In this session, participants of this webinar for engineering students series will learn the differences between a research paper, a review paper, a survey paper, and a case study. 
      • By the end of this session, they will get to know exactly which form they should be publishing their research work in. 
    • Pro Abstract Writing Tips & Secrets
      • As explained in detail already, applying and getting accepted by a top, high-impact journal of your choice requires you to write a compelling abstract. 
      • Research veterans with years of publishing experience will offer their expertise on abstract writing in this session. 
    • The Detailed Look Into Writing A Research Article
      • Participants will be provided crucial insights on how to approach the different sections (introduction, methods, discussion, citations, acknowledgments, results, etc) of their paper. 
      • By the end of this session, participants are guaranteed to possess the confidence and awareness that they require to write a world-class research article that is worthy of being published in any globally renowned scientific publication.
    • An Insider’s Perspective On The Publication Process Followed By Leading Academic Journals
      • Highly experienced professionals from the scientific publication industry will give participants an insider’s perspective on the publication process, right from drafting an article and submitting an application, to submitting a manuscript, going through the reviewing process, making edits, and waiting for publication. 
    • Procuring Necessary Funding & Financial Support For Further Research
      • This often over-looked step is an incredibly crucial part of a research professional career, in terms of having the necessary wherewithal to pursue further research and delve deeper into more unexplored phenomena. 
      • In this session, globally renowned researchers and scientists (who have undertaken numerous groundbreaking research studies during their time) will share their secrets to go about procuring grants effortlessly.
  • Apart from all the above knowledge, participants will also obtain – 
    • An e-certificate (that will add immense value to their CVs),
    • Free-of-charge IFERP membership for a period of one-year (offering exclusive access to tons of services, educational material, event passes, and more), 
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    • A recorded video of the entire webinar for journal and publication series as well as a detailed PDF (to use as a guide and reference anytime), 
    • Full-scale research support services (available to professionals, students, academics, and others from all disciplines and fields). 

Who Can Attend This Webinar Series

If you are one of the following, then you definitely stand to benefit big time from taking part in the ‘Research Article Writing and Publications – Advanced Concepts’ research paper webinar series organized by IFERP. 

  • An Engineer (from any discipline – Mechanical, Computer Science, Civil, etc),
  • A Scientist, 
  • A Researcher, 
  • An Academic, 
  • A Scholar, 
  • An Educator, 
  • A Research Professional (whether you’re an independent researcher, or affiliated to an academic university, institution or organization),
  • A Student (undergraduate, post-graduate, Ph.D. candidate).