Premium Membership

What are the premium membership benefits in IFERP

When one chooses to avail of an IFERP premium membership and become a member of the IFERP global society of professionals, they join the world’s most respected, accurate, and up-to-date source of information in the fields of engineering (including everything from electronics and communication engineering, electrical engineering and computer science and engineering to mechanical, biomedical, and civil engineering), applied sciences and technology. This means that they gain a reliable source of information for their studies and subsequent professional life as well.

To keep abreast of the latest developments and of new resources of knowledge in a given field, hundreds of conferences, seminars, workshops, and tutorials are organized each year around the world and can be followed by all members. In addition, IFERP Journals, Magazines, and Conference Proceedings are essential for researchers to advance in their fields of interest, as they provide archived publications that have enduring value to the engineering community.

With the extensive base of professionals and professional societies in different regions of the globe, IFERP premium members in any industry will gain access to create an industry database for IFERP student members with internship, project, and job offers. In addition, we will organize an industry-student meeting, where both parties can learn about each other’s expectations.

Arming oneself with an IFERP professional membership is a good way to build a strong network of colleagues, foster technological innovation, and advance in your career. Another professional advantage of being a premium IFERP member is the pride of being part of the most prestigious technical member society in electrical and computer engineering – worldwide. On a more personal level, it’s the reward of – 

  • interacting with some of the most talented people around, 
  • sharing experiences, 
  • receiving the benefit of knowing people who are in the know and are more than willing to instill their expertise on the next generation. 

The Extensive Benefits That Having An IFERP Premium Membership Affords

The IFERP premium membership experience is different for everyone. For some, it is life-changing, while for others, it has proved to be the necessary accelerant for the progression of their careers and also as an entryway into the exclusive professional organizations. Whichever category one falls into, they are right about their point of view. There is no right or wrong answer. There are only experiences. And these are just some of the obvious benefits that professional IFERP premium members stand to gain. 

  • Mentorship Programs That Nurture & Sustain Talent
    • IFERP offers it’s premium members an amazing community of mentors to choose from. 
    • This might be one of the most notable benefits that one can receive from their premium memberships. 
    • While some of these mentors assist members by assisting them in growing personally, some tend to have a huge impact on their professional careers.
    • Some premium members even enjoy the fact that their very first professional mentors have continued to be their primary advisors and guides to this day.
  • Innovative Learning Resources That Are Otherwise Inaccessible
    • An IFERP premium membership equips its professional members with many learning resources through its various publications, workshops, events, seminars/webinars, working groups, technical societies, and others. 
    • For most members, the greatest learning has been through their interactions with the various experienced members & professionals that they have come across in the community.
  • Getting To Be Part Of A Tribe & Unique Niche
    • The saying “birds of a feather come together” holds true even in this context.
    • A lot of premium professional members find not just experienced mentors to guide them through their careers but also friends for life who share the same interests, hobbies, and interests as them. 
    • One can never underestimate the value of being encircled by a group of extremely motivated and dynamic individuals. 
    • Being a part of a collective group of like-minded professionals will always help in fulfilling one’s true potential and enjoying fruitful careers.  
  • Broadening Of Horizons Through The Gaining Of Multicultural Sensibilities
    • While being engaged in various IFERP premium societies, professional members are exposed to working with people all over the world – from various parts of India, the USA, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, China, Argentina, Germany, etc. 
    • While a lot of members don’t quite understand the importance of this at first, these skills grow in importance and tend to come in handy when working in multicultural environments abroad, where the workforces are very varied.
    • Premium members find that they are able to easily adapt to their new work cultures without any difficulties whatsoever. 
  • Inculcating Crucial Leadership Capabilities That Will Come In Handy Through One’s Professional Life
    • Most people aren’t born good leaders, and most never become good leaders. Being a good leader doesn’t necessarily mean knowing how to order people around. 
    • Rallying the troops and making everyone work as a team (without having to incite fear or make threats) is probably the most crucial element of leadership that professionals have to gain. 
    • However, getting to work with various teams on leading projects and getting people to accomplish together a common goal has proven to improve many a professional’s leadership skills, helping them become better leaders.
  • Gaining Global Access
    • Being a premium member of a global organization such as IFERP, its local units, subsections, sections, society chapters, etc., offer a holistic understanding of how global ideologies and processes can be implemented locally and vice versa. 
    • This mental understanding will also do members a lot of good on a professional level.
  • Scope For Massive Professional & Personal Growth
    • It is often difficult for professionals to comprehend how an IFERP premium membership can help them grow as individuals and create a support system especially for them. 
    • While some benefits have been tangible, the majority have been intangible.
    • How can one rate the value that their mentors have created in furthering their careers? 
    • How can they list the confidence that they have gained from the ton of speaking opportunities they have received? 
    • Every one of the tiny, supposedly insignificant benefits that one can gain, along with the more tangible benefits, adds up to make for a comprehensive range of perks that cannot otherwise be obtained without being a professional premium member of IFERP

Advantages Of Getting A Premium Student Membership At IFERP

When it comes to the IFERP premium student membership, the benefits to be gained will help in not only helping students excel in their studies (whether they be undergrads, graduates, research scholars, or otherwise) but also set them up for long, fruitful careers with quick career elevation. Student life (with its many positive experiences) also brings with it a fair number of chaotic experiences and downright frustration.

The IFERP premium student membership comes with a set of benefits specifically targeted for students to fill this void and enhance the journey for students who are on their way to becoming experts in their respective disciplines, filling them with positive experiences throughout the way. The benefits of the premium student membership at IFERP include, but are not limited to, the below. 

  • A Personal Subscription To IFERP Journals
    • An IFERP premium student membership brings with it on a monthly basis the latest technology information with behind-the-scenes anecdotes to put the latest research studies into context. 
    • IFERP journals also address career issues and other topics of interest to those new to their respective fields of engineering, science, and technology. 
  • Getting To Interact & Rub Shoulders With Technical Stalwarts
    • IFERP premium student members get to participate in student branch activities and local and professional branch and branch meetings where they will get to meet with the more experienced members of these organizations and industry leaders to deliberate technical and professional challenges and career concerns.
  • Saving Big On IFERP Premium Services
    • An IFERP premium student membership offers students access to the globe’s most comprehensive source of engineering, science, and technology publications, books, conference proceedings, and published standards.
    • IFERP offers its premium student members access to the best and latest technical information in the world, and their membership entitles them to low member prices as well. 
    • In addition, student members also make huge savings on IFERP’s professional research assistance services, which include – 
      • research topic selection, 
      • research paper/article writing, 
      • journal selection and application,
      • research manuscript submission,
      • peer-review process assistance, 
      • final publication.
  • Access To The Global Engineering, Science, & Technology Conferences At Discounted Rates
    • Premium student members get to make use of various IFERP membership special offers to attend and participate in numerous technical conferences in a variety of areas of technical interest as well as educational seminars, technical and professional programs, and courses.
  • Benefits That Extend Well Into A Student’s Career
    • Both professional and student premium members at IFERP are technical and scientific professionals who are equipped in every way to make the revolutionary technological advances that are capable of reshaping our world.
    • To enable young professionals who join the IFERP as premium students members to maintain their membership during the early years of their careers, IFERP offers a graduated membership program. 
  • When one earns their first professional degree, with no interruption to their IFERP membership, they may be eligible for a premium professional membership to continue extending help to them as they go into their professional lives. 
  • Publication Access In Globally Reputed, High-Impact Journals
    • Students who have a premium IFERP membership get to make use of tons of opportunities to have their research published in high-impact journals of their choice.
    •  Normally, this sort of access is afforded only to those (who, through sheer persistence and years of trying) have managed to make a name for themselves within the international research community

Whether you’re a professional or student, having an extensive resource pool of experts, like-minded professionals, study material, opportunities, access to the biggest international conferences and events in academia, as well as, research publication assistance by getting an IFERP premium membership, will help you achieve your career goals in quick time, making your trajectory and journey to the top, linear and effortlessly. Hurry, find out more about the membership fees for both the student and professional premium memberships, sign up, and begin taking full advantage of every one of the above-mentioned perks and more, today!