Virtual Conference 2021

5 benefits of 2022 virtual conference during COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has upset traditional ways of operating, causing considerable disruptions across most industries, making it mandatory for organizations to adapt and adopt alternative modus operandi just to stay afloat. The events industry is one of those industries that has been badly affected. Physical events, which have generated significant revenue for academic event organizing companies such as IFERP, are not being prioritized these days owing to the complexities of implementing and ensuring compliance with social distancing standards and mandatory health protocols. With physical conferences becoming difficult to conduct in the present environment, virtual conferences have become the new normal.

2022 Virtual conferences serve as platforms that bring together an assortment of people in an online environment, completely breaking the barriers of physical conferencing. They offer the means for events to have delegations in different geographies or when the event has a large number of participants who work remotely.

Virtual events have a variety of formats – 

  • webinars, 
  • virtual training programs, 
  • video conferencing, 
  • webcasts, 
  • online conferences, and 
  • team building activities. 

Virtual 3D worlds are a technological advancement in online conferencing that not only connect hundreds of people simultaneously through their smartphones and tablets but also make it possible for them to interact with speech and motion, positioning online conferencing as the irrefutable future of the event industry.

Online conferences offer up great opportunities to give way to the new, making it possible to realise the tremendous benefits that online settings bring with them in contrast to in-person settings. Offering much greater reach, simpler means of propagating information, and a common ground for everybody from students to renowned professionals, everyone can take full advantage of these virtual opportunities. Even though the sudden disruption was frustrating, virtual conferencing has proven that it can transform the way humans connect with each other. 

  • A More Extensive Scope Of Influence
    • Irrespective of whether an upcoming academic conference in 2022 is a small event or a large one, online conferences offer speakers and research presenters a more extensive reach. 
    • Smaller conferences that usually only attracted a local audience are now granted a global platform. 
    • From a speaker’s perspective, this assists both inexperienced regional students and more experienced professional speakers in gaining access to sizable audiences for their material.
    • From a public perspective, online conferences 2022 break down barriers to attendance, especially for students or professionals who don’t have a travel budget. 
    • Now is an excellent time to take part in more events to make themselves known to a wider audience.
  • An Equal Platform
    • Face-to-face conferences are far more difficult for those who may be new to a discipline, such as a student or an early career professional aspiring to grow their reputation. 
    • Nevertheless, the sudden changes due to the pandemic have made it such that everyone, regardless of their stature, starts off on an equal footing. 
    • All of a sudden, everyone turns into amateurs again owing to the learning curve that online conferencing platforms bring with them. 
    • Younger people, more commonly those with little to no experience in public speaking, have a clear advantage with such virtual settings, as they are more attuned to online social networks and can adapt better to the transition. 
    • As far as students or early career professionals are concerned, there is no better time to inculcate one’s public speaking abilities and start becoming a respected speaker than during this time of transition. 
    • This is because everyone is there to learn together, and the public is far more forgiving of any missteps that may occur. 
    • Participants will get information on a range of topics, from less-advanced 
  • Affordable For All
    • Virtual conferencing is a much cheaper alternative and not just in terms of ticket prices. 
    • Especially when it comes to global events, in which professionals from all over the world participate. 
    • For them, the cost of participation is not limited to purchasing a single ticket, and there are additional costs such as – 
      • travel, 
      • accommodation, 
      • transportation, 
      • food and more. 
    • A virtual conference eliminates the need for such extra expenditures and offers organizations the possibility of having more of their employees participate in the event.
  • Suits Everybody’s Schedule
    • Physical 2022 international conferences can prove to be not only costly but also pretty time-consuming. 
    • Depending on where a conference is being held, traveling to the event location can take time. 
    • Then there are also transportation delays and traffic to consider, which saves participants valuable time but can also put them at risk of being late for the actual event. 
    • A virtual event is efficient in terms of time; one logs in via their laptop at the time of the session they want to attend, and they’re ready to go. 
    • They can continue to work between sessions because they are just one click away.
  • Participation Is A Breeze For All
    • Virtual conferences make it possible for participants to participate from the comfort of their own homes or even workplace, which implies being sheltered by a much more relaxed and familiar setting. 
    • They don’t have to walk around the room to find the hall for each session or even the restroom; they can sit on their couch or their own desk and just enjoy the presentations. 
    • This implies less stress, less fatigue, and more energy to focus on the content that matters to them.
  • Location 
    • The great thing about virtual conferences is that one can gain access to them from wherever they are in the world, and if they attend an event like this upcoming virtual conference, sessions will be available in their time zone as well.
  • Easier Dissemination Of Information
    • At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, information on the latest academic and scientific research all of a sudden became more extensively accessible. 
    • Research articles are normally retained until the peer review has been released to the public, even while the peer review processes are underway. 
    • Researchers, professors, professionals, and mentors of all sorts have uploaded research material and educational courses, making it simpler for anyone to acquire skills that would otherwise necessitate taking in-person courses. 
    • The same thing is applicable when it comes to international virtual conferences. 
    • The formatting of online conferences allows for easier transfer of information, especially given the ease of recording the conference (whether it be a highly technical engineering college conference 2022 or an arts and humanities conference) and accessing all data, questionnaires, and participants within the session. 
    • The challenge of picking between parallel presentation tracks, therefore, becomes negligible.
  • Networking Simplified
    • As a matter of fact, completely missing a conference and attending it afterward, including networking with people who have attended in real-time, remains a possibility. 
    • Most conferencing tools display participant names (as well as contact information at times), and some even offer the virtual business card feature, which makes it easier to connect with other participants before and after the conference. 
    • An electronic interaction may not offer the intimate setting of being able to talk to someone, however, all said and done, one can still find a LinkedIn contact that they can reach out to for additional assistance in meeting their research and career goals.
  • Sticking Out From The Rest
    • It was effortless to sit back and take part in fewer conferences than normal, particularly with concerns about the COVID-19 virus spreading and lockdown measures being in place. 
    • As conferencing moves online, many people have taken a position to take a step back until they can resume normally. 
    • Nevertheless, as these lockdown measures have persisted, thinking of virtual conferences with a half-full glass attitude may be more positive. 
    • As a considerable amount of – 
      • research, 
      • office, and 
      • laboratory time 

has decreased due to the pandemic, attending these conferences is the best way to keep growing professionally in one’s field. 

  • And irrespective of whether it’s –
    • quarantine, 
    • shelter-in-place, or 
    • just social distancing, 
    • partaking in conferences, 

online offers participants the chance to stand out from their peers. 

  • While virtual conferencing might, to begin with, have been looked at as a problem compared to the glitz of foreign travel to exotic destinations, it does come with its own assortment of perks. 
  • They provide numerous global opportunities for presenters and attendees.
  • A More Environmentally Conscious Way Of Conferencing
    • In today’s world, where social and environmental responsibility takes precedence over other things, it is crucial that organizations innovate solutions that do not harm the ecosystem. 
    • Virtual conferencing eliminates the use of brochures or any additional material that causes waste of paper and makes this information available as an online resource. 
    • Other aspects such as eliminating travel can further reduce the carbon footprint associated with your event, giving you another reason to take your conference online.
    • The environment is arguably one of the biggest beneficiaries of online conference migration. 
    • According to a study that was held recently, it was estimated that the amount of carbon dioxide generated by each researcher during conference trips ranges from half a metric ton to two metric tons. 
    • Surprisingly, the total carbon footprint of close to eight million researchers worldwide, each attending a conference per year, is equivalent to that of some small countries. 
    • In contrast, the American organizers of two entirely virtual conferences estimated that their entire carbon emission value for these events was significantly lesser than for the average values for their physical events.
    • Unfortunately, physical events are very wasteful – they depend on large amounts of paper for things such as – 
      • marketing materials, 
      • flyers, 
      • brochures or welcome bags, and 
      • plastic. 
    • Think of all the exhibition stands and rolling banners used in a hall. 
    • The environmental and financial expenses of producing all of these materials can be vital. 
    • There is also the misuse of food on the site, the depletion of water and energy for delegates residing in hotels, and more.
    • With an online virtual conference 2022, one can access –
      • more material, 
      • more sessions, 
      • more opportunities, 

and network with a more extensive and more international community of professionals from around the globe without impacting the environment.

The Perks Offered By Online Conferencing Are Innumerable

Virtual events offer many advantages over physical events. They are not limited by geographic constraints and can reach a wider audience. Physical events include major expenses due to room rental, reservation of guest accommodation, provision of food and other necessities, and travel arrangements. Hosting a virtual event ensures that these overhead costs are removed. Since there is no need to travel, speakers and industry leaders can be on board for half the cost. Therefore, virtual events are really profitable. Plus, virtual events can stay live all year round, dramatically increasing ROI. They can be leveraged whenever needed throughout the year to increase brand awareness and authority with a wide audience.

Participants of a virtual conference can interact effortlessly with others than in a traditional, offline setting.. Virtual booths offer navigable content for participants to engage with and consume. Additionally, the ability to live chat with booth representatives, polls, and other such features results in a higher engagement rate at an online event.

In addition, virtual conferences significantly save time that would otherwise be spent on –

  • the arrangement of accommodation, 
  • the selection of suitable venues, 
  • staffing and hiring of volunteers, 
  • signage, etc, 
  • in the case of offline conferences. 

Online conferences are simpler and more convenient to set up. Additionally, for a nominal participation fee, organizers can share a high volume of downloadable content with a larger audience.

Online events offer unprecedented networking possibilities. They expedite conversation with prospects through instant chat, social media sharing, webinars, and live question-and-answer sessions. This fosters an environment that gives rise to more conversions. The content of a virtual conference can also be recorded and preserved for future needs.

The data generated by virtual events can be easily analyzed to uncover crucial information. This information helps to improve the content and fill in the gaps in the next event, thus improving the audience experience. Businesses can also assess the quality and quantity of leads generated in the process. In any case, the comments of the participants are considered invaluable. In physical events, it’s hard to find. However, when everyone is participating online, comments can be collected more easily as their form can be integrated into the platform itself.

Virtual events leave no influence on the environment. Marketing its events as environmentally friendly will inevitably attract more attendees, leaving a positive impression on the company. They can be counted on for smooth and transparent operations in all types of eventualities. They are immune to unforeseen weather conditions, community unrest, or pandemics like Covid-19 that have resulted in the disruption of physical events.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events, in simple terms, are a mix of virtual and live events. They offer physical and online experiences concurrently. In a hybrid event, one can attend conferences, workshops, lectures, obtain professional assistance for their Scopus publication 2022 endeavors or any business activity in person and also online. This is feasible by transferring a conventional event online via live transmission or by configuring a virtual sphere that emulates the physical event.