Webinar 2020 : How To Research Article Writing and Publish Your Journal

Success In Research Article Writing & Publication – Elusive To Many Talented Researchers

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to research article publication is that most believe that the only way for a research article to have a profound impact on readers is for the research to be incredibly groundbreaking. This is however far from the truth.

Although it is necessary that the research does have to be profound, authentic, and of some significance to the progression of the discipline, it is not necessary that it has to be groundbreaking in nature. In fact, many researchers who have undertaken such research activities and discovered exemplary outcomes capable of shaking the very foundations of their fields, still manage to find their articles at the bottom in terms of reach and exposure. 

The Dearth In Awareness On The Publication Process – The Root Of The Problem

This can simply be attributed to the lack of awareness and knowledge of the paper publication process. This lack of knowledge has caused many talented researchers to slump into mediocrity and not achieve the success and fame that they truly deserve! 

If you are one such researcher who has published your research articles numerous times but has failed to see any impact on your reputability or are someone who wishes to get your research published in a high impact journal but has no idea about how to go about doing so, then you should begin equipping yourself with as much knowledge on the journal publication and article writing process as much as possible. 

Webinar 2020

Failing to do so could lead to you spending your entire career in mediocrity and failing to take off. Like numerous highly talented research professionals before you whose groundbreaking research work is unknown and not talked about, your work too might go completely noticed. This means that the long hours and many days of hard work and painstaking research that you have undertaken in order to make profound discoveries that will lead to the progression of your field and the betterment of mankind, will all go to waste. 

A Life-Changing Webinar On Research Article Writing & Publication

If you would like to change your fate and make sure that you end your career on a high as a highly respectable and prominent research professional who is recognized globally for your pioneering research work and articles, then the upcoming IFERP-organized webinarResearch Article Writing and Publishing in Good Impact Journal‘, which is scheduled to take place on the 13th of June 2020, is just the webinar for you! 

By attending this event, you will be able to glean career-transforming insights from veteran research professionals, academics, professionals from prominent, globally renowned journals and publications, educators, and others, on how to – 

  • write a world-class research article/paper, 
  • come up with a stunning title for your paper, 
  • discover the best and most suitable high-impact journals for your research, 
  • prepare a compelling abstract that will attract the most reputable of journals and publications in your field, 
  • deal with the reviewers and the reviewing process of such journals, and plenty more! 

By the end of this webinar, you will find yourself completely equipped with the knowledge and forethought that you need to prepare, plan and execute a successful research article published in an incredibly reputable, high impact journal in your discipline. Don’t let the lack of awareness put your entire career in jeopardy! Instead, take the initiative to turn the tide on your mediocre research career but arming yourself with absolutely essential research paper publication know-how that every successful researcher is already aware of! 

Hurry, register for this webinar today, and propel your career as a research professional to the heights of success!