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Even before the global outbreak of the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it is being specifically referred to as now, professionals across the education sector were looking into virtual interactive classroom technologies. 

Today, more than ever, however, more attention and interest is being shown towards these technologies in a quest to gain awareness of their usage and to begin utilizing them across the globe, even as no vaccine has been discovered and the end of the pandemic is not yet foreseen. This article is meant to offer those interested a detailed insight on the different types of virtual interactive classroom technologies that are out there, the advantages that they have to offer, as well as, how to learn more about them (through the free webinar for interactive classroom for teachers and challenging technologies).

Different Types Of Virtual Interactive Learning Technologies

  • CML or Computer Managed Learning Tech`
    • When it comes to the use of CML technology in virtual interactive learning environments, computers are utilized to handle and evaluate the efficacy of the quality of the education being dispensed. 
    • CML technology involves the utilization of information databases that contain tiny modules of knowledge that students are supposed to imbibe bit by bit. 
    • With ever bit of knowledge that is acquired an associated evaluatory mechanism assesses the understanding of each student. 
    • This helps in assessing exactly how well a student has understood or grasped the concepts being illustrated in a particular learning bit. 
    • The CML system also has a ranking mechanism in place to help educators understand the modules that the vast majority of students are finding difficult, thereby enabling them to focus on refining these modules and making them simpler for students to learn. 
    • As a result of this systematic evaluatory and ranking mechanism, educators are able to ensure the all-round education of their students. 
  • Synchronous Online Learning Tech
    • This tech allows students from anywhere in the globe to unite together on a single online learning platform and learn simultaneously. 
    • This is done through the means of – 
      • online chatting, 
      • sharing of files, 
      • webinars, 
      • videoconferencing, etc. 
    • Synchronous online learning technologies allow for students to interact with their teachers in real-time by asking questions and getting their doubts clarified. 
    • This tech also makes it possible for students to interact with each other and collaborate on projects together. 
    • In a time of crisis such as we live in now, the adoption of such tech is perhaps the only feasible way of facilitating something as close to an actual classroom environment without putting the health students at any risk.
    • Some of the major advantages of synchronous virtual learning tech include – 
      • better student-teacher relationships and understanding, 
      • highly engaging learning environments, and
      • more focussed learning.
  • Asynchronous Online Learning Tech
    • Asynchronous online learning technologies, unlike synchronous technologies, facilitate learning in more isolated environments. 
    • In such cases, there is no real-time communication taking place and students interact with each other as well as with educators much less. 
    • This is the preferred option for those students who have rigid schedules where they learn at their own pace and whenever they find the time. 
    • In fact, the majority of students prefer this option as they can –
      • go about undertaking other activities freely, 
      • not be burdened by schedules, and 
      • be free to learn whenever they please as well as at their own pace. 

The Many Benefits That Virtual Interactive Classroom Technologies Pose For Education

Apart from the fact that these virtual interactive classroom technologies come in extremely handy in times of crisis such as we are in now, by offering a suitable alternative to conventional classrooms where students do not have to take the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus from any of their classmates or teachers, these technologies also have numerous other benefits to offer that make them a viable alternative to be adopted by the educational systems globally, not just until the end of the pandemic, but also beyond. These benefits include –

  • A Greener Alternative
    • With virtual interactive classroom technologies, all the drawbacks of conventional classroom education go out the window. 
    • Pencils, pens, paper, and printing which are harmful to the environment causing extensive deforestation and plastic pollution can all be avoided. 
    • Considering the condition that the earth is in now owing to excess deforestation, pollution of all water bodies on the earth, and increased salination of freshwater sources, this is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of virtual interactive classroom technologies. 
  • Improved Productivity
    • As opposed to conventional teaching methods, where students are constantly required to take notes in order to retain what has been taught, virtual technologies allow them to access study material and lectures at any time they wish. 
    • In fact, many universities and lectures are already recording lectures and discourses delivered by teachers and professors so that students may be able to access them at any later point in case they have doubts or wish to gain more clarity on certain complex concepts. 
    • By watching these lectures over and over again students can easily gain mastery over subjects in a shorter time than seeking clarity from others and approaching their friends or lecturers. 
  • Highly Engaging Teaching
    • Allowing for the use of audiovisual aids is a huge bonus when it comes to virtual classroom technologies. 
    • Sometimes it is more important to present concepts in a fun and engaging manner than in a mundane and complex one. 
    • And, using audiovisual aids is perhaps one of the best ways to do so. 
    • Gamification which involves the incorporation of a rewards system by which concepts are split up into parts and students are rewarded every time they progress to a new level has made it possible for virtual learning tech to be not just more engaging but also fun and stimulating mentally helping increase participation and interest amongst students who would otherwise be completely disinterested. 
  • Assists In The Retention Of Knowledge
    • Studies have proven that those students that have fun while learning are more likely to remember and retain the things that they have learned than others. 
    • Students all across the globe have been found to think of learning through virtual classroom technologies as more fun than conventional learning mechanisms. 
    • This is because students are more often able to see visual representations of the things that they are learning about, which offerer a clearer picture (literally) of what they’re studying about, instead of being left to their own devices to imagine something that might be far from the fact of the matter. 
  • Promotes Independent Thought
    • Virtual classroom technologies make it possible for teachers to target individual students and customize learning modules as per the individual abilities of these students because every student is different from another.
    • One of the drawbacks of traditional learning mechanisms has been that all students irrespective of their individual capabilities and limitations are forced to adapt and learn at the same pace. 
    • Numerous studies have proven over the years that this is incredibly detrimental to the growth of young minds. 
    • When it comes to virtual classroom technologies teachers are free to customize lessons as per the proficiencies and limitations of each of their students, meaning that they can level the playing field for all of their students. 
  • Fosters Collaboration
    • Not only do virtual classroom technologies promote independence and individualism as explained above, but they also help students develop teamwork skills. 
    • Such technologies have provisions for teachers to develop assignments that require groups of students to work together and collaborate with each other in order to complete successfully. 
    • This is possible through the –
      • sharing of documents online, 
      • collaborating on gamified learning assignments, 
      • working on projects together, 
      • delivering joint presentations, etc. 
  • Making Teaching Easier & More Effective
    • People often take the teacher’s job (which is often the hardest in the entire education system) for granted. 
    • Virtual classroom tech allows for teachers to improvise and perfect their lectures constantly by adopting new skills, new tools that will help them get their points across more effectively and also be able to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching more effortlessly. 
    • While conventional teaching systems involve holding tests, handing out material, etc, virtual classroom technologies allow for teachers to hold quizzes, one-on-one interactions, etc, whenever they please, without any fuss 

Gain An In-Depth Perspective On All These Technologies At The Upcoming Free Webinar

If you’re someone who is involved in the field of education either as an administrative member, policymaker, professor, lecturer or teacher, then perhaps the best way for you to get acquainted on all the above virtual interactive classroom and other associated technologies whose capabilities and functions can be quite challenging to understand and comprehend, is to take part in the forthcoming ‘Virtual Interactive Classroom for Teachers | Challenging technologies’ webinar which is being organized by IFERP on the 5th of June 2020 from 5 to 7 pm! 

Apart from those from the educational sector even research professionals who are undertaking experimental and research activities in the pursuit of either – 

  • developing new and more effective virtual interactive classroom technologies, or 
  • studying the efficacy of these technologies on students and how existing tech can be further refined and upgraded,

then you too should consider taking part in this free online webinar

Numerous Perks Of Attending This Webinar

  • Comprehensive View Of These Technologies & Their Workings
    • Those who have always wondered what these virtual interactive classroom technologies are all about and have been wanting to incorporate them somehow or the other into their own educational settings can easily get acquainted with these technologies at this webinar for interactive classroom technologies.
    • Aside from experts dealing in this field, numerous educators who have successfully put this technology to use will also be present to offer their insights, at this webinar. 
  • Guide On How To Publish Papers Successfully In High-Impact Journals
    • Those who are currently engaged in research ventures in the field of virtual interactive classroom technology and have made profound discoveries that they would like to make known to the world through the publication of their findings will also receive guidance on the best way to do so. 
    • With veteran researchers from this field who have had multiple papers published in top journals and professionals from leading publishing companies, all expected to offer their insights, participants will gain crucial insights on – 
      • how to choose a profound research topic, 
      • decide upon an intriguing title for their article, 
      • find a prominent, globally recognized journal with a high impact factor, 
      • how to apply with a compelling abstract and cover letter, 
      • how to deal with the reviewing committee and the entire publication process, etc. 

Moreover, all these insights can be gained by those who wish to participate for absolutely free-of-charge and in a matter of just two hours. This means that participants won’t have to sit through unnecessary sessions that are a complete waste of their precious time and also will not have to shell out any money whatsoever. Hurry, register now! 

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