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Getting a research paper published is one of the most daunting tasks for any researcher, academic, or scholar engaged in carrying out experimental studies in his/her respective field of study. Oftentimes, researchers find it impossible to get their papers published by leading journals and publications in their field, even though their research work, findings, outcomes, and conclusions might be incredibly profound and of the highest standard. Some even go their entire careers without having a single published research paper to their name. They find their work being rejected time and again, not being able to pass even the reviewing stage. 

The Lack Of Know-How, A Major Impediment To Successful Research Publication

This is largely owing to the lack of knowledge on the entire journal publication process and the intricacies of getting a paper published in a reputed journal that is indexed by leading journal indexing databases such as SCI, Web Of Science, UGC, Scopus, and more. Any veteran researcher who has had multiple papers published in top journals will attest to the fact that gaining a concrete understanding on the entire journal publication process, is the first step towards making the process easier for oneself and also to become a regular when it comes to getting research papers published. 

If you are someone who has already tried getting your research paper published numerous times and have failed to pass the review stage, and would like to get clarification for journal publication of your research paper but don’t know how to go about doing so, then this article is just the thing for you! 

Free Webinars That Solve All Your Paper Publication Woes 

Here, you will find the solution to all your journal publication woes – a webinar for journal publication! Attending a webinar that sheds light on the journal publication process will be the best thing you could do as someone who is currently struggling with getting your research paper published in a reputed publication within your area of specialization. Detailed below are all the reasons why you should take part in such a journal webinar

  • An Insider’s Perspective On The Manuscript Review Process & How To Avoid Being Rejected
    • One of the biggest reasons for the widespread rejection of research papers in the academic field today is because of the lack of knowledge of how the entire manuscript reviewing process works. 
    • Taking part in a webinar and getting to the intricacies of the manuscript reviewing process will definitely stand any researcher in good stead when it comes to getting their research work published. 
    • This is because once a researcher is aware of – 
      • the typical peer review process followed by popular journals,
      • the things that reviewers look for in a research paper
      • how to impress reviewers, 
      • what details to pay attention to in order to sail through the reviewing process, etc, 
      • it becomes really easy for an academic or research to easily breeze past the reviewing stage of the paper publication process. 
    • All that is required is some careful planning when it comes to finding out the exact formating guidelines of the journal or publication that you are writing for, and then paying attention and implementing these requisites (mentioned within the journal’s formatting guidelines) to an absolute tee. 
    • By following the guidelines closely and writing your paper such that no part of it is in violation of any of the formatting guidelines mentioned therein, one exhibits – 
      • their eagerness to have their research work published, 
      • their ability to pay attention to detail, 
      • their capacity to follow rules and guidelines, and 
      • their complete professionalism. 
    • All these qualities are what all reviewers look for in a manuscript that they are reviewing, in order to maintain the standards of quality imposed by the journal or publication that they are working for. 
    • It is important for researchers and academics who get frustrated with the stringent reviewing processes of top journals and publications, to realize that it is only because of subjecting all manuscripts (submitted to them to be considered for publication) to such strict reviewing processes that they are able to maintain their reputations as respectable journals. 
  • Finding The Most Appropriate Journal For Your Research 
    • Another common struggle that academics and researchers who are actively pursuing the publication of their research work in top journals face, is that they are unaware of how to go about choosing the best journal for their paper. 
    • The problem is either – 
      • that they are unaware of where to look for the best indexed journals and publications in their fields, or 
      • that they do not how what criteria to pick the best journals. 
    • These problems can be thwarted by either some simple guidance from peers and reputed researchers who’ve already had their research published or just by carrying out some independent investigation. 
    • Taking part in a webinar for journal publication is sure to offer anyone who finds the process of finding the best and most pertinent indexed journals to get their research published in, some crucial tips on how to go about doing so easily. 
    • Gaining awareness of these tips is sure to make everything from – 
      • finding out if the sort of research that a journal normally publishes is perfect for your own research work, 
      • determining if the caliber of authors that a publication is known for normally featuring, matches your own standards,
      • gauging the reach of a journal and finding out if it is likely to fetch you the kind of attention that your research merits, 
      • determining if the reviewing, submission, and publication processes of a journal are quick and effortless, and more. 
    • If you are someone who is new to the research paper publication game and have little to no idea about the process, then you might be wondering why finding out if the reviewing, submission, and publication processes of a publication are easy and effortless is important. 
    • This is because of the simple fact that as a researcher who has spent a lot of time working hard at carrying out your experimental research work and making profound discoveries, getting the word about your outcomes out to the global academic community, in time, is the most crucial part. 
    • Failing to do might lead to – 
      • your research losing its relevance and validity, 
      • your research losing the limelight to someone’s else research that is based on your own but contains more advanced discoveries, 
      • your research not receiving as much attention as it would have had it been published promptly. 
Webinar For Journals
  • Finding A Great Research Topic, Planning Your Paper, Choosing The Best Methodologies & Preparing Citations
    • If you are an amateur researcher or academic who doesn’t have a clue about the publication process but would like to elevate your career by getting a paper or two published in a reputed journal, then you might want to equip yourself with some basic knowledge. 
    • This basic know-how entails – 
      • how to go about finding a relevant and challenging topic (to carry out research on) that is also of some significance to the field, 
      • determining the best methodologies to utilize in your research work so that you achieve the desired results, 
      • how to plan your entire research paper and the right way to frame its contents, 
      • how to prepare citations and give credit wherever it is due, etc. 
    • Getting to know about all these things beforehand is sure to stand any amateur in good stead when it comes to churning out phenomenal research papers of global significance. 
  • Gain Access To A List Of Indexed Journals 
    • Apart from all the crucial tips and tricks that you will be privy to by taking part in a webinar on the journal publication process, you will also gain access to lists of publications indexed by top journal indexing databases such as Scopus, SCI, Web Of Science, UGC, and lots more. 
    • By accessing these lists you will be able to choose the best journals that you feel are right for your research work and be able to approach them easily. 
    • Apart from access to these lists, you will also gain guidance on how to – 
      • prepare compelling cover letters that convince the Editors-in-chief at the publications that you are applying to, of the – 
        • merit of your research work, 
        • its uniqueness and authenticity, 
        • its relevance to modern challenges, 
        • the profoundness of the outcomes and findings accrued, etc.
      • submitting your manuscript in the most alluring manner so as to captivate the reviewers who are in charge of vetting manuscripts that are submitted to them to be considered for publication in their journal, 
      • how to communicate effectively with editors and constantly stay in touch to keep track of what stage of the reviewing or publication process your manuscript is currently under, and more! 

Overcome The Struggle Of Getting Your Research Published Once & For All! 

By completing the online registration webinar process for a free webinar that offers an in-depth view of the entire journal publication process you are once and for all putting yourself in a better position to have your research work accepted and published successfully. The insights that you can gain out of such a webinar can prove to be the difference between you become a successful, well-reputed researcher who is known for his/her groundbreaking experimental work, and you not getting even a single research article published throughout your entire career. 

Once you attend the webinar, you will realize that it only takes some discipline, forethought, and preparing to get a research paper published successfully in a globally reputed publication within your discipline that also happens to be indexed by a reputed journal indexing database.

In a highly competitive environment, as we are living in now, every researcher and academic has to fend for themselves when it comes to having their research work published. Every researcher has to vie with other researchers and academics for precious publication spots, as they are few and far between. Any knowledge that you can gain, that will make the process of getting accepted by reviewers of top journals easier for you, will be the deciding factor in whether you are able to overcome your competition and truly achieve success in your field or not! 

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