How to organize best engineering and technology conference 2023

The most enjoyable conventions invigorate attendees with appealing speeches/lectures/presentations and outstanding interfacing possibilities as well as assist in creating awareness about novel concepts. Conventions have to be exciting, interactive and involving on all levels by offering all-round fulfillment to those involved. They are additionally demanded to be organized promptly and be presented on limited resources. It is universally understood that the method of convention preparation is not a simple as it might seem and the part that conference organizers play should not be taken delicately. This guide furnishes those aspiring to organize 2023 international conferences engineering, with all of the knowledge and information that they will require to move ahead and establish a prosperous colloquium.

Give Precedence To The Delegates On All Fronts

  • Before commencing with convention outlining, it is important to bear in mind to keep the delegates’ interests in the first place.
  • Attendees and their requirements should lead to all the choices that you take.
  • This includes considering –
    • the incentives you’re offering delegates to want to take part in your event,
    • the opportunities that will be presented them,
    • the sessions/topics that they will want to be covered,
    • the comfort that they will be offered over the course of the event.

Determining An Apt Theme For The Event

  • Conventions are capable of being remarkably interesting events where attendees will have the chance to –
    • explore,
    • interact, and
    • dispute opinions encompassing a theme.
  • These concepts have the ability to mold or redefine their craft. With inspiring personalities come strong opinions and positive awareness.
  • Moreover, this all starts with the subject or topic. You might have recognized a break in the industry or determined to take a radical passageway on an existent problem.

Pondering Over Budgetary Constraints

  • The majority of the pressure that you are likely to encounter when planning a convention will develop from attempting to present every single thing that you have agreed to present on a budget.
  • Capital is a huge determinant and you have to be meticulous with each element of budgeting a conference.
  • There are two choices you have to execute when concluding the budget for a conference –
    • will your convention take place over a single day or more,
    • will the entire event take place in a single venue auditorium
    • will it take place concurrently in two separate venues
  • Expenses will grow based on how you want to carry out your convention. The expenses every conference organizer can anticipate to face are as below –
    • venue charges
    • catering charges
    • costs for audiovisual equipment
    • expenditures for guest speakers/lecturers/delegates
    • activities charges,
    • advertising charges,
    • logistics,
    • personnel salaries.

Thinking About Ticketing Charges & Other Delegate Fees

  • The income that you are likely to obtain will proceed from the patrons, exhibitors as well as ticket purchases.
  • If you are fortunate enough to sustain substantial donations from patrons without jeopardizing the uprightness of your convention, then you might be in a situation to make attendance to your central colloquium free-of-charge
  • Conversely, you will have to impose fees for tickets and the foremost problem you will face, is thinking about how much you should charge.
  • It is of course close to unlikely to identify a number but your funds should provide you with a notice of how much capital you have to recover so that you can get close to evening out your expenses.
  • It is essential to place your anticipations on the basis of –
    • how many attendees you believe you can coax in attending your event, the capacity of the conference venue and
    • considering whether you are likely to sell out all seats.

Acquiring & Managing Sponsorships

  • Patrons and the funds they may grant can be extremely crucial when it comes to remaining within the limits of your budgetary constraints and not turning any losses with the organizing of your convention.
  • While pitching your conference to potential sponsors, be certain about what aid you require, whether it is monetary or any other form of assistance that you might require, and are prepared to grant in exchange for their capital.
  • This is expected to involve the extensive usage of their logos as well as other promotional activities.

Contemplating Whether Or Not To Have Exhibitors At Your Event

  • Thinking about whether it is necessary for your event to feature exhibitors or not, is an integral part of planning a conference.
  • This can prove to be an additional income flow but it is necessary to determine if the exhibitors that you are intent on choosing will really augment any value to your conference.
  • You likewise have to guarantee that the conference venue has sufficient place for demonstration kiosks at limited to no additional charge.
  • This expanse of this place will ascertain the exact number of exhibitors you can entertain.
  • Once you identify the place, you will have to compose an exhibition arrangement.
  • Any possible exhibitors will need specifics on the demographics of delegates and all your offerings.
  • They are sure to direct plenty of queries at you, to support them in deciding if presenting at your convention is valuable or not, so remain prepared to explain things to them, or hire someone who is capable of dealing with them.

Pick Your Personnel Carefully

  • Planning a convention involves a lot of hard work and be quite stressful for you.
  • Don’t even think about organizing a conference all by yourself, as you will be setting yourself up for failure.
  • You must gather a team of partners and aides to support you in fulfilling your colloquium in the preparation steps and also on the day of the event. It is likewise a great idea to engage in-house support at the colloquium venue.
  • Every person must have a precisely determined position and roster of responsibilities both before and during the event, and this has to be settled as quickly as feasible in the preparation stage itself.
  • One of the most significant positions on the day of the conference is the master of ceremonies, who will be responsible for –
    • greeting delegates to the colloquium,
    • presenting lecturers,
    • managing the freebies and
    • monitoring exactly when every session is to begin and be concluded.
  • You will additionally require –
    • runners,
    • platform administrators, as well as,
    • audiovisual professionals and specialists

Discovering The Ideal Conference Venue For Your Event

  • Identifying and deciding upon a colloquium venue is remarkably significant. Some organizers fancy utilizing convention venue spotters to identify convention venues but you should probably carry out this analysis on your own and plan on touring possible venues in person.
  • By doing this you can settle the deal by yourself, conserve funds and have command over the appearance and quality of the venue.
  • It is logical to have an assortment of queries to pose at the venue managers to guarantee that it is capable of delivering precisely what you require and satisfy all the requirements of delegates at your event. Thinking about disabled accommodations is also crucial.
  • Take care to ensure that the venue is large enough – not only the central hall but other areas such as the demonstration halls and recreation areas.
  • There is nothing more detrimental than having delegates seated at the rear of a hall seeking frantically to detect exactly what the lecturer is saying or even worse, having to sit out a concourse completely because there isn’t enough space.

Consider The Amenities That Will Be On Offer

  • The venue for your conference has to offer every one of the amenities you require to make every phase of your convention a resounding triumph. This involves –
    • excellent AV facilities,
    • WiFi/charging ports,
    • catering,
    • a well-designed platform, and
    • comfortable seating arrangements.


  • One of the most significant challenges with more comprehensive conventions is discovering venues that offer WiFi capable of dealing with the requirements of many attendees.
  • There is no suspicion that the technology behind WiFi is developing in venues across the globe, but it is completely worth it if you can acquire a fair opinion of the Wifi capacities on offer.
  • Most conference venues, these days, grant Wifi for absolutely no extra charges.
  • Offering such an amenities also makes it possible for delegates to choose your best conferences easily.

Event Catering

  • Determine if you are prepared to offer catering services at your conference.
  • This can be a huge investment for you but additionally a significant benefit for the attendees of your event.
  • If you do not want to offer any catering options, then you will have to present info on eateries and restaurants close by the venue.

Platform, Stage Illumination, Audiovisual Components

  • The lectures have to occur on a platform that grants great visuals to the entire audience (even those seated at the back of the hall) as well as all the necessary audiovisual tools that lecturers might require.
  • This might include –
    • a big projector
    • button-on & stand-alone microphones.

Adhering to the recommendations and suggestions detailed above should assist any conference organizer, irrespective of whether they are an amateur or an experienced conference planner, to think about, plan, and carry out great 2023 upcoming conferences, that results in the delegates of the event, leaving with a memory to cherish for the rest of their lives. If you are eager to learn about more such tips and recommendations then check out popular Scopus publications or join IFERP, today!