5 Must have skills to begin with data analytics

Introduction to data analytics

Every sector needs data to keep track of almost everything, and there’s a gradual increase in the need for expertise. Companies started exploring new-generation tools to practice and implement data analytics in their industry. The demand for this skill is far more than its availability in the market. 

Data Analyst Roles and Responsibilities

A data analyst curates, cleans, classifies, reviews, and makes a report on data collected through different channels for decision-making in various fields of business.

The skill doesn’t limit itself to a specific role. There is a vast career option to choose from in various sectors. Thus, industry knowledge with data analytics skills adds value to your CV, making you a highly demanded candidate in the market.

Why is data analytics your career?

  • Easy to begin with you do not need any technical knowledge
  • Rising demand with a lack of appropriate talents to serve.
  • High-paying job.

What is the average data analyst salary in India?

Freshers can expect around 5LPA and hike rates up to 50% within two years due to the lack of availability of skilled professionals and rising demands.

How to become a data analyst?

There are numerous data analytics courses in the market right now, But you must look for these skills in their modules to choose the right online course for data analytics.

These five skills are a must for a data analytics certification.

5 data analytics skills to get you hired


SQL or Structured Query learning is often mistaken for an older and outdated, While its popularity in data analytics says otherwise.

  You can not ignore this language when you become a data analyst. SQL is as important as modern data tools such as Python, R, tableau, and Power BI.

Every organization needs people with affluent SQL skills to store and manage data. Ignoring SQL makes your job harder. 

This language is widely used among analysts to store and access large amounts of data And is much easier to audit than other data analysis tools. 

The best part is even people with 0 coding background can learn an Advanced data analytics course.

Microsoft Excel

According to Columbia University, 750 million people worldwide use Excel for their business, and the term Excel skills appears often while posting for jobs in portals like Indeed and Monster.

Excel is a humble tool among the complex ones that demand programming knowledge, Does wonders in data analytics with its capabilities.

Excel is a well-known tool for analysts to create the necessary charts and clear classifications among the data without any unnecessary confusion and fuss. There is numerous Excel formula that saves you time in typing every necessary data on the charts.

It is safe to know advanced Excel practices like Macros and VBA. Mastering this saves a ton of time for analysts on performing repetitive processes like accounting and payroll management. 

These less-known features, serve a lot of purposes such as turning stats into useful charts and output tables. There’s a gate to endless possibilities in these simple-looking tools when you are making the most use of them. 

In conclusion, this is easy to learn and super useful, to begin with when you are looking forward to a data analytics career shift. 


Python is one of the simple languages for beginners to start with data analytics or other programming-related industries. It is also a significant language in the world of programming which is so powerful to use and create wonders. 

Python’s Pandas ( Python Data Analysis ) is a widely popular Python library used by tons of data analysts from all around the world for data analysis and cleaning. 

It consists of high-level manipulation, abstraction, and data structure tools to be learned. 

It is used in various fields like academic, commercial, finance, and neurosciences. 

Learning this language has its benefits, It is going to have high applicability over AI in the future, it said that AI’s growth is up to 154% every year making this a future-proof skill. 

This powerful tool saves you tons of time when making some minimal effort to learn it. Again you can learn it from scratch without even any coding knowledge.

Report creation.

Creating a report over analyzed data is a crucial skill that can be acquired over time and experience. 

But almost every data analytics role demand report and dashboard creation skills, because this skill is highly necessary for the decision-making process that proceeds after the analysis. 

You can learn as many tools as you can all those add value to your CV. But this makes you stand out as a valuable asset to a company that they cannot afford to lose. 

Every effort made to collect, organize and classify the data that you have been working for all the time reflects here as the output that your employer has been looking for. 

You can watch your performance and keep evaluating yourself constantly to master this skill. This does not take much effort and time as it sounds. 

It just demands you be persistent and keep improving because there is always room for development and growth.

Writing and communication. 

Written and oral communication are vital for a healthy organizational culture, Disputes are half solved when we can communicate where did the problem arise. Clear explanations avoid unnecessary disagreements with your colleagues.

It is much needed in data analytics to collaborate and create the analysis. Perfect coordination is a factor that helps the process of analytics function with ease and efficiency.

Data analytics involves the cooperation of the whole organization including nontechnical staff and consumers, It is fundamental to have clear communication to collect the necessary and correct information to form the data from the same. 

Thus the right decisions are made leading the path toward the organizational role. 

Communication strengthens your voice in the market offering you mighty retention. When you are all ears to your customer’s suggestions and feedback they feel valued and most likely to stay loyal to the brand. 

Healthy communication keeps the flow of information in place and makes every other work easier. 

Confident and direct communication sets your growth pace faster. Thus communication is a valuable and essential skill to be mastered while considering a career in data analytics.

Bonus facts. 

Since you read down here we present you with some bonus information. 

R programming is another vital skill to be learned to enter the world of data analytics, Look for data analytics certification with R programming.

Problem-solving skills and critical thinking are a must for a good data analyst as they face bugs, roadblocks, and several problems every single day.

If you think a problem can be solved in 10 different ways you will always have a handy solution and you can face any problem without panicking then a data analytics career is for you.

Data analytics is a gateway of numerous possibilities when explored correctly.

Almost every industry here demands candidates with strong domain knowledge and the right skills

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