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Keeping Up With Emerging Trends In Engineering Science, Technology & Management

Heraclitus, the Greek Philosopher, said “the only constant in life, is change” over 2000 years ago. This sentence has never rung truer before than right now, in the present day, with the rate at which technological progress is accelerating. Irrespective of one’s preference for things to remain the same, change is constantly taking place. And, no matter what industry or academic niche one belongs to, no one can escape this evolution. People who are resistant to this change or are unwilling to learn to coexist with it oftentimes find themselves limping behind in terms of work progress and career elevation. One can either choose to follow and be a part of these changes or ignore them and allow their competitors to overtake them. 

On careful observation of those who seem to be successful in their respective disciplines, one can notice that they are bent on keeping up with all the trends in their industry. This isn’t always easy, but one has to nevertheless make an effort to find out about the change that’s taking place around them. Failing to do so might lead to them finding out about the trend much later and, as a result, missing out on a world of exciting opportunities. This article is meant to offer those (academics, industry professionals, students – undergrad or postgrad, educators, research scholars, and all others) who are eager to learn and keep up with these trends an idea about how to go about doing so. 

ICETESTM Conference – Indonesia
  • Be A Part Of An Extensive Peer Group

An excellent way to find out about the latest trends in one’s profession is by talking to their colleagues and peers. For this, one has to inculcate the right contacts and the right set of people who are passionate about the field as much as they are. Taking part in international conferences is a great way to meet such people and forge connections with them. These life-long friendships and professional acquaintances will come in handy not just to learn about the latest trends in one’s discipline but also to get to know about lucrative career opportunities and other possibilities. 

  • Have A Great Mentor Group

Being advised by a bunch of people doesn’t really enthuse a lot of young professionals, and honestly, not a lot of people benefit from being constantly berated with a lot of advice and suggestions on how one should go about doing things. The formality and structure of boards like these has always seemed to stifle the kind of candid and conversational elements that make relationships so valuable.

Instead, it is better to maintain a very close group of associates, superiors, and partners as an informal group of mentors. Together they will be able to reveal all sorts of diverse viewpoints, helping one see things that weren’t on their radar before and spot how things are going to pan out or anticipated to transpire in the future. 

The ‘4th International Conference On Emerging Trends On Engineering Science, Technology And Management (ICETESTM-2020)‘, which will take place on the 26th and 27th of December 2020, in the remarkable city of Jakarta, Indonesia, will provide a number of networking opportunities for those looking to acquire a high-level group of peers and mentors. Register for this educational conference right away. 

  • Keep Tabs On Those At The Top Of Their Game

Not a lot of people have the time to spend or the inclination to read all the latest industry articles that a domain expert in one’s niche writes. For those who aren’t interested or have the time for a long read, a good alternative is to read a few of the top blogs and publications in their industry every day. Many articles in these publications will likely reference data from longer reports that they don’t quite have the time to read in full anyway but would be interested in, however, so they can always put that information together in a more palatable, easy-to-digest form. 

ICETESTM-2020 is a must-attend international conference 2023 for anyone who is eager to meet and interact with professionals who are on the top of the game in the fields of Engineering Science, Technology, and Management.

  • Rely On Technology

Depending on one’s industry, audience, goals, and even the size of their business endeavors, different tools and metrics will prove to be important in identifying trends. Lucky, with tools such as Google Trends, one can acquire a global perspective that people in the area that they are interested in are increasingly interested in researching. There are a variety of SEO and keyword analysis tools that can be used to gain a clear idea of the biggest search trends in a specific topic area. Whatever one may choose, it’s important to use a variety of tools together to track the latest happenings in their discipline. 

  • Read Extensively 

Although this is one of the simplest things one can do to fully identify trends in their discipline, it is important not to underestimate the time and energy that it takes to read research reports and other related literature. Oftentimes, industry leaders will do original research and compile their findings into one great report, and by taking the time to read it beyond the executive summary, one can almost always find something valuable and relevant to the current trends in their respective area of interest. A lot of successful professionals follow a variety of journals, publications, and magazines, to stay on top of trends, whether this entails reading about the latest trends from research reports of a popular journal or delving into specific case studies from a magazine. 

Such articles don’t really offer a complete end-to-end perspective on the trend itself, but by reading a number of reports, one can easily acquire a broader understanding of the entire landscape of the topic and where developments are likely to be headed. 

  • Accepting Change With An Open Mind

A lot of professionals these days struggle with this idea a lot, even more than in the past, as the sheer pace at which change is taking place is becoming hard to comprehend and increasingly unpredictable. This is quite understandable, as it can be quite hard to try something different when one is in their comfort zone, and everything is going well with them. However, if one begins to feel too comfortable and only adapts to these changes much later, they are more likely to be overtaken by their competitors in terms of technical skills, knowledge, and prowess. Therefore, instead of staying ahead of those trends, one immediately tries to quickly catch up. This can cause even more problems in their execution. Accepting trends and changes as facts of life and embracing them can help them easily avoid this. Whether they are ready or not, the trends change industries every day. Knowing what’s to come and growing their knowledge and skills alongside these changes can help them stay competitive.

Trends That Will Impact Both Technology & Management

Detailed below are some of the biggest emerging trends that will impact all facets of business, research, and management in the future. 

  • Quantum Computing

Quantum computing offers unique opportunities for predictive analytics that goes above and beyond the scope of conventional computing. Quantum computers exploit the principles of superposition and entanglement to process information on an exponential scale. While Google entered the scene in 2017 with the promise of the largest quantum computer, IBM has actually begun enabling companies to start taking advantage of this radical technology. Quantum computing provides businesses with a powerful tool for predictive analytics and big data analysis. As the human race begins encountering new challenges, quantum computing will help predict viable solutions, although it may not yet be on the radar of many.

Find out more about quantum computing from leading experts carrying out pioneering research studies around the globe at ICETESTM-2020, a highly anticipated 2023 International conference. 

  • Blockchain

Past discussions on blockchain have often been largely concentrated on the world of cryptocurrencies, but the real power lies in the immutability and transparency of the concept of the ‘blockchain’. Due to the fixed and highly transparent nature of blockchains, this trend has been widely affirmed to have major financial applications and often informs bitcoin discussions. However, the business benefits are much greater. 

A Boon For Management

Blockchain is a promising information system for supply chain management, allowing transparency on the origin and path of materials from origin to product. Blockchain technology will also allow better management of records, providing a snapshot of any record from its origin. This could be used to verify orders, purchases, returns, receipt of the product, and plenty more. Ethereum-based smart contracts can be utilized to ensure the delivery of terms. Smart contracts release data when both participants have met the criteria for an agreement. Smart contracts offer endless capabilities to ensure that agreements are executed and can, therefore, help position them as a trusted brand.

  • Cyber ​​Security 

Cybersecurity will no longer function as an additive in the world of information technology. As businesses take advantage of emerging trends and move more towards cloud computing, cybersecurity will become a critical business functionality as well as an integral part of the business process.

Data protection and personal information are real-world concerns that continue to rise to the fore as media coverage of data breaches affects the trust of consumers across the globe in the brands that they shop from. Transforming information security into a vital operational necessity will help in portraying all businesses that do so as trusted entities that ensure their customers the completely smooth delivery of products and services.

Some of the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals will be gathered at the most-anticipated upcoming conference 2023ICETESTM-2020, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • AI

Artificial intelligence holds great potential for companies. Although the full spectrum of capabilities is yet to be realized, AI is frequently at the center of futuristic cinema and is fast becoming a tool of choice for businesses and solution providers. As is often noticed with social media, AI, paired with machine learning, can be a powerful combination. Businesses can use AI to save money, streamline workflows, enable more efficient communications, improve customer satisfaction, and provide insight into purchasing behavior.

In addition, machine learning can analyze large data sets and provide information at scale. The full potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence working together to empower businesses is yet to be achieved. Current applications offer enormous growth potential for solution providers who can fully understand the capabilities of AI and tailor solutions to meet the demands of the world. Businesses can also use AI to identify new product and service opportunities.