Free Webinar : AI – A Knight In Shining Armour In The Fight Against COVID-19

AI – A Knight In Shining Armour In The Fight Against COVID-19

For a long time, the debate has raged on about the efficacy and use of artificial intelligence in our day-to-day life. The necessity for investment into R&D activities focussed on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis, has been questioned by critics for quite a while. Finally, now the time has arrived when all those who had these doubts to quash their objections once and for all and witness the true power and efficacy of AI, machine learning, and data analysis on human life. 

COVID-19 took the world by storm after it began spreading across China and then poured into the rest of the world. COVID-19 now exists on every continent on the planet and has claimed thousands of lives. The count of fatalities and those affected are continuing to grow every day. No effective treatments or vaccines have been discovered as of yet, and the governments, as well as major health care providers across the globe, continue to rely on the only known archaic preventive measures known so far, such as self-distancing, quarantining and nationwide lockdowns. The impact on human life has not only been medically and healthcare-wise but also economically, with businesses of all sizes being forced to shut down and cease operations. Millions of people, as a result, have been thrown into poverty as a result of the lack of work and cutbacks in wages.  

The True Potential Of AI Has Finally Manifested Itself

AI has proved to be one of the biggest weapons that the medical industry is using to combat the novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 as it commonly being referred to. Researchers who have been working hard to develop AI and machine learning technology have finally been able to exhibit proof of their hard work through the use of AI by medical and healthcare professionals all across the globe in the fight against COVID-19. AI has been used to – 

  • analyze complex medical data and patient history in finding patterns that can help in finding solutions to COVID-19, 
  • in the development of combative drugs that can alleviate symptoms if not cure them, 
  • vaccine researchers are putting machine learning and AI to use in developing a conclusive vaccine that can put an end to the crisis once and for all. 

All these developments can be attributed to the hard work and ingenuity of researchers across the globe who are undertaking painstaking research and experimentation to better and perfect existing AI technology so that humans may soon be able to put them to full use and incorporate them into all aspects of day-to-day life. 

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As a researcher who is spending months and years together, working hard at experimenting and analyzing existing machine learning modalities and AI mechanisms, in the pursuit of refining them, the only way to spread the awareness on the findings and outcomes of all your hard work is to publish them in the form of an article or research paper in a globally reputed AI journal with a high-impact factor! 

Why is a high impact factor necessary, you ask? Getting your research article published in a journal that has a high impact factor is the best way to get the most possible people to learn about you and your work. Finding such a journal, however, is often the hardest part. 

The forthcoming IFERP-organized webinar on ‘AI getting used in impact of Covid-19 (scheduled to be held on the 14th of June 2020), not only offers researchers and all professionals involved in this arena an idea of all the different ways that AI is being put to use to combat COVID-19, but also a deep insight into the entire journal publication process! 

By partaking in this life-changing webinar, participants will realize exactly how to –

  • go about finding the best high impact AI journal, 
  • preparing a compelling abstract, 
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