Why to choose Your Next Conference in Tokyo

Japan has been long known as not only Asia’s cultural epicenter but also a focal point for technological development in diverse arenas, globally. The rapid rate at which Japan progressed post the second world war is still a marvel to the world. With the steadfast expansion into a spectrum of areas including Engineering, Information Technology, Agriculture, Transport, and more, the country has managed to gain prominence as not only Asia’s leading economy but also as one of the superpowers of the world.

The country has managed this largely due to the groundbreaking research studies that have been taking place all over. This is partly due to the presence of many of the globe’s leading researchers, scientific experimenters, academics and scholars within the nation, who are carrying out diverse research pursuits across a spectrum of disciplines.

If you are someone who is considering taking part in a conference in the country’s capital Tokyo but are not quite certain as to why you should do so, then you might want to continue reading as this article is intended to do exactly that – shed light on the many benefits that taking part in global convention in Tokyo has to offer delegates and attendees for their career elevation as well as to progress in their work.

Proximity To Global Research Hubs

  • One of the key advantages of taking part in a Tokyo conference 2020 is that attendees are afforded the chance to get an insider’s perspective on some of the biggest and most promising research ventures that the world has ever seen.
  • Such research pursuits involve –
    • millions of dollars in funding,
    • are carried out by top scientists, and
    • address pressing global challenges.
  • For an academic or scholar to get some sort of insight the progress, process and outcomes/findings of such research pursuits is not only incredibly enlightening but also highly inspiring.
  • Not only is one likely to learn about
    • advanced concepts,
    • theories,
    • methodologies, and
    • approaches,

that they can utilize in their own line of work and research, but they are also likely to draw inspiration from the sheer scale of research being carried out and the ingenuity of the scientists and researchers involved.

  • Very often these prominent researchers, experts and domain authorities who are involved in these top research ventures and pursuits frequent conferences in Tokyo, to share their knowledge with delegates and to impart expertise to the next generation of scientists and research specialists.
  • It is a great privilege for those in attendance at these conferences to be able to witness the powerful lectures and presentations that are delivered by such people, as the insights that can be accrued through a single sitting are tremendously invaluable and not quantifiable.

The Chance For Amateurs/Entry-Level Professionals To Engage With Top Experts

  • Another major advantage of taking part in a Tokyo Engineering conference 2020 is the fact that these events are often attended even by prominent field specialists and domain authorities.
  • While most international conferences taking place in other parts of the world are designed to cater only to professionals in the early stages of their careers, and scholars, conferences that take place in Tokyo are aimed at catering to both inexperienced and experienced individuals.
  • This gives professionals who are eager to learn about their fields and make progress in their work as well as elevate their careers, the perfect chance to –
    • engage with
    • form acquaintances with,
    • forge relationships with, and
    • establish collaborative partnerships with,
  • some of the most prominent individuals in their domain who are well-known and widely recognized for their remarkable research work and expertise.
  • Interlacing and forging partnerships with such people offer great opportunities for delegates to –
    • acquire suggestions/recommendations,
    • gain opportunities to propagate their research work,
    • obtain crucial insights into obstacles/challenges that they might be facing, and more.
  • One of the reasons why one is more likely to have opportunities to mesh with experts at conferences organized in Tokyo is owing to the fact that conference organizers often schedule a variety of social and networking events as part of their events.
  • This is because the Japanese highly value relationships and place as much importance on networking and forging of associations, as much as they do on learning, practicing, and refining one’s skills/abilities.

Opportunities Galore

  • With the abundance of activities taking place across all spheres of modern academia, industry, research, technological advancement, etc, there are numerous opportunities available for conference-goers to exploit while visiting Japan for an upcoming international conference 2020.
  • One part of these opportunities is the acquiring of chances to collaborate with top experts and domain authorities in some of the most groundbreaking research ventures known to mankind.
  • Another opportunity that can be gained via presenting a paper or your research work by delivering a presentation or presenting a poster is the chance to have your research work published in top Scopus indexed journals/publications/magazines in your field. 
  • Tokyo is also Asia’s financial hub, which means many of the country’s and the world’s biggest corporations, companies, organizations, and multinational firms, have their offices in the city.
  • And top executives, as well as administrative officials from such companies, are often in attendance at many of Tokyo’s biggest conferences.
  • If you manage to impress them somehow with your research work then you might get the incredible opportunity to work or collaborate with them on their R&D projects, which can lead to incredible career elevation and progress.

Higher Chances Of Reputation Elevation

  • When it comes to elevating one’s reputation and standing amongst their colleagues and academic community, taking part in an Engineering and Technology conference 2020 in Tokyo, helps a lot.
  • Right from offering chances to interact with reputed individuals and opportunities to present one’s work in front of the biggest global audiences, conferences in Japan offer numerous opportunities for one to spread the word about their own profound research outcomes and conclusions.
  • Preparing well for a presentation/lecture or paper submission at the next conference in Tokyo that is relevant to your respective field of interest, will help you impress the prominent individuals present at this event.
  • Elevating one’s reputation amongst their own community of peers and authorities is key to making sure that their career is on a steady course to success and advancement.
  • In order to do so one should be able to prove their potential and their worth by presenting their work in front of audiences comprised of field experts, scientific experimentation specialists, scholars, and academics.
  • Propelling one’s reputation is all about making the best impression with the most powerful individuals within your discipline by proving your abilities and knack for carrying out powerful research work.

Have A World-Class Conference Experience

  • One of the reasons why the top conference organizing firms prefer to organize their events in Tokyo is because the city is home to some of the finest conference venues and hotels around the globe.
  • These venues also offer world-class facilities and amenities on offer that make it incredibly easy for conference organizers to deliver unparalleled and unforgettable conference experiences to their delegates.
  • Right from budget accommodations to luxury hotels and resorts with fancy spa facilities and dining establishments, Tokyo offers a wide range of options for conference organizers with varying budgets and agendas.
  • Japan is home to some of the fastest trains in the world, meaning that transportation across the city is extremely easy, especially for delegates who are traveling from other parts of the country.
  • Being the epicenter of technological development for the modern world, Japan offers tons of convenient facilities and amenities that make it easy for both conference organizers and conference-goers to deliver and enjoy phenomenal conference experiences respectively.
  • Having a great conference experience is also essential to having a fruitful one, where you thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the convention and look forward to –
    • applying the knowledge that you have gained into your work,
    • incorporate the suggestions you have acquired from experts into your modus operandi,
    • connect with the contacts that you have made over the course of the conference,
    • reflect on the powerful and profound sessions/events that you experienced at the event, and more.

The Perfect Chance To Indulge In Japanese Culture

  • Tokyo is one of the biggest cities anywhere in the world, that most up and coming cities across Asia and the globe try to emulate and copy.
  • The city has two major airports –
    • the Narita Airport, and
    • the Haneda Airport,
  • which make it incredibly easy for tourists to travel to and from the city to catch flights as well as to travel and visit other places in Japan. The city is known for being one of the safest and cleanest cities anywhere in the world, because of the incredibly high safety, security and hygiene standards that the city’s administrative officials like to impose and maintain.
  • The Japanese people are also warm and welcoming to tourists from all countries, which is one of the reasons why people from all over flock to the city to enjoy a unique holiday experience.
  • Apart from the fact that Japanese cuisine is highly sought after throughout the world for being a healthy alternative to modern-day fast food, the city of Tokyo is home to over eighty thousand restaurants, both small and large, and is also the place with the most Michelin star restaurants anywhere in the world.

If you are someone who has been contemplating taking part in a conference in Tokyo but has also been apprehensive about spending your valuable time and money into actually registering and partaking in such an event, then the above-listed points should definitely ease your mind and shed some clarity on why taking part in a conference in Tokyo, is not only beneficial to your work and career, but also to your cultural outlook and life experience. 

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