Presentation Guidelines

  • Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation
  • Virtual Presentation

Oral Presentation

EdInnovate 2024 gives you an opportunity to give a dynamic oral presentation of your ideas or study. You can use captivating slides that visually represent your findings. This is your opportunity to captivate the viewers and passionately present your work!

Guidelines For Oral Presentation

  • Make sure that there is a smooth transition between each slide in your presentation.
  • Use graphs and charts to emphasize your main points. This will facilitate the audience's understanding of the content.
  • Make your slides easy to understand.
  • A lot of complex graphs and charts with a ton of data and statistics can confuse the viewer, so avoid using flashy effects like animations and vivid colours.
  • Reduce the word count on the slide. Here, you can use the 6-6-6 rule which states that there can be no more than six words in a bullet, six bullets on a slide, and six text slides in a row.
  • Select legible fonts with good contrast, (30-point font size).
  • Don't change font from slide to slide and avoid using italics or all capitals.
  • Keep your presentation within the 8-10 minute timeframe.