Conference FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are the frequently asked questions regarding the EdInnovate conference. If you have a unique question, feel free to reach out to us

  • 1.Q.What are the important deadlines for the conference?

    Ans: The important deadlines are as follows: (25th- Feb -2024)

  • 2. Q. Can you sponsor our travel and accommodation?

    Ans: We are sadly unable to pay for travel and lodging expenses because this event is unfunded and lacks sponsors. We acknowledge that there may be challenges for you and value your patience.

  • 3. Q. Can you provide me with the invitation letter?

    Ans: Yes, we will provide you with an invitation letter. As soon as your registration is complete, you will receive an official invitation letter on our conference letterhead. We can't wait to have you here!

  • 4.Q. What will be the visa process/fee to enter the host country?

    Ans: All participants are requested to handle the visa application process on their own. You can apply for a Thai visa online at If you have more questions regarding the visa process, please get in touch with our team

  • 5.Q. Can I bring another person to the conference to accompany me?

    Ans: Certainly! Feel free to bring a companion by paying the accompanying person fee. We trust they'll have a wonderful time experiencing the conference with you!

  • 6.Q.Can you provide a certificate for the accompanying person?

    Ans: Unfortunately, only co-authors who are present at the conference are eligible to receive certificates. Nevertheless, we're thrilled to have your companion join us for an amazing experience!