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Dates To Remember : Early Bird Registration:05th September 2023 | Abstract Submission: 06th October 2023 | Full Paper Submission: 09th October 2023 | Registration Deadline: 10 thOctober 2023

Eligibility for Committee Members

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Eligibility For Committee Members

  • Professors/Deans/HoD’s
  • Associate Professor/Academicians with 8+ yrs of experience
  • Assistant Professors’s with 10+ years of experience
  • Editorial Board Members of Prestigious Journal
  • Reviewer of Journal
  • Industrial Expertise with 8+ years Experience

Roles & Responsibilities

  • 1.Identifying & understanding conference tasks and Committees responsible for them. To prepare and execute the Programme module and the scientific agenda of the conference.
  • 2.In coordination with the Project Manager, oversee and review all publicity(social media, webpages, fliers, notices, announcements, posters, etc.) and make sure no discrepancies appear.
  • 3.It is most important for him to be in alignment with overall program strategy and topics. Contact keynote speakers, Guest of honor and gain commitment to date and topic.
  • 4.Coordinate and oversee the conference work and the other activities. Importantly this means ensuring that deadlines established in the timetable for the conference are met.
  • 5.The Committee members should identify promising sponsors, exhibitors to provide better B2B scopes and opportunity at the conference.
  • 6.To identify deserving researchers in his geographical location for being a part of the conference and avail the services and benefits of the organization.
  • 7.Use the committee to develop recommendations, get registrations conferences and help in execution of pre-conference and conference details.
  • 8.Work out details of conference presentations and assure the interactive nature of the session. Introduce Speakers presenter/facilitator at Conference/ work.
  • 9.To identify renowned the expertise in his research area for being a part of the conference and avail the services and benefits of the organization
  • 10.To identify the best renowned keynote speaker in that particular field of expertise.