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Dates To Remember : Early Bird Registration:05th September 2023 | Abstract Submission: 06th October 2023 | Full Paper Submission: 09th October 2023 | Registration Deadline: 10 thOctober 2023

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About Conference

G Pulla Reddy Engineering College and in association with Institute For Engineering Research and Publications Organizes “International Conference on Generic and Pedagogical Research Evolutions in Civil Engineering and its Allied Sciences” (GPREC - 2023). A hybrid event which is going to be held on 10th & 11th November 2023 with eye-opening sessions for researchers, academicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs, scholars, etc, to explore the latest technologies, emerging trends, and future forecasts of Civil engineering and its allied sciences.

This conference aims to promote the culture of collaborating and expanding knowledge through extensive networking with like-minded professionals and industry experts. Bringing together the expertise of professionals from diverse disciplines such as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, and construction management, to discuss and share actionable insights and evolutions of Civil engineering and its pedagogical research views.

Objective of the Conference

GPREC - 2023, Targets promoting collaborative approaches bringing professionals, researchers, aspiring and expert industrialists, and entrepreneurs together, and shaping the future of the civil engineering community and multiple disciplines to exchange knowledge and ideas and explore the latest advancements in civil engineering research and pedagogy with the following objectives

Promote Research Excellence: To provide a platform that encourages development through extensive research in civil engineering. Fostering researchers, industry professionals, and faculties to present their innovative ideas to shape the future of the industry.

Facilitate knowledge sharing: Facilitating the exchange of ideas, new techniques, best industry practices, and knowledge. Creating a productive environment for like-minded discussions and debates, Collaborative approaches, and cross-disciplinary interactions.

Bridging the gap between Research and real-world practices: Identifying the gap between academic research and solution for real-world problems, Fostering more real-world practices and solutions in research by collaborating and interacting with industry experts and interdisciplinary professionals.

Promote Networking and Collaboration: This platform encourages participants to interact and connect with like-minded professionals to build meaningful and professional relationships with industry professionals and experts for the personal and professional development of individuals.

Explore future directions: Encouraging participants to explore the future trail of civil engineering and its allied sciences. Emphasizing the importance of visionary thinking to researchers, scholars, and professionals for a bright future in the field.

Theme of the Conference

The theme of this conference highlights the integration of modern methodologies and innovative strategies that drive advancements in Civil Engineering and its Allied Sciences.The Generic and Pedagogical Research Evolutions in Civil engineering and its allied sciences conference (GPREC 2023) is fostering collaborative approaches to bridging the gap between research and real-world applications of new technologies in civil engineering and its allied fields.

Helping professionals, aspiring researchers, and scholars understand endless innovations and seamless transitions into future technologies and easy adaptations of them. Embracing the evolutions in civil engineering and the other diverse disciplines that support the field.

This distinct motto focuses on fostering dynamic collaborations that connect professionals, researchers, and scholars from various disciplines such as engineering, economics, business management, social sciences, and humanities. GPREC 2023 is the right platform for disseminating the significant advocation of collaborative approaches, result-oriented inputs, and real-world implementations.

Conference Highlights

Cutting Edge technologies

The emergence of new technologies, Advancements in existing technologies, and future evolutions are being discussed. Endless learning on effective approaches and methodologies that push the boundaries and enter the future