5 Advantages of virtual international conference

With the recent onslaught of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the world as we know it has stopped functioning as it used to. Everything from global travel and commerce to manufacturing, shopping, trade, and academia has come to a complete standstill. It is a well-known fact, especially amongst those professionals engaged directly in the world of academic that taking part in international conferences regularly is one of the best ways to go about – 

  • expanding one’s expertise and gaining new skills, 
  • meeting new people and forging powerful professional associations, 
  • presenting one’s recent research findings/outcomes and improving their reputability in their respective discipline, as well as, 
  • staying abreast of the most recent research trends and advances that have been transpiring in one’s field through pioneering and innovative research ventures taking place worldwide. 

Now, while most academics and industry professionals are stuck at home (as a result of the social distancing norms such as quarantines, lockdown, and curfews being implemented by governments throughout the planet, as measures to stop the human to human transfer of the deadly COVID-19), without any option for doing all the above, a new and exciting alternative to regular, face-to-face conferences in the form of virtual conferences has emerged. Unfortunately, virtual conferences have the reputation of being inferior to their face-to-face counterparts. This is not only a misconception but also far from reality because virtual conferences offer all the benefits that regular conferences have to offer, if not more. The five biggest advantages that virtual conferences have to offer in the modern day are listed below. Getting to know about all of these advantages should help anyone wanting to make use of their time in isolation by doing something that will aid the furtherance of their intellect, base of contacts and career but hesitant about taking part in a virtual conference Dubai, affirm the fact that virtual conferences are indeed as beneficial if not more than their regular, face-to-face counterparts. 

  • Highly Cost-Effective 
    • One thing that burdens all conference attendees, however experienced or amateur they may be, is the fact that taking part in an international or regional conference of high pedigree requires a decent amount of investment. 
    • This is because most conferences where one is likely to gain the most amount of new knowledge, meet top industry experts, avail chances to interact with them personally, as well as, deliver presentations guaranteed to allow them to have an impact on the global academic community, come at a price. 
    • These prices could either be in the form of –
      • exorbitant conference registration fees, 
      • travel costs (air tickets, train tickets, bus fairs, cab charges, fuel expenses, etc), 
      • accommodation costs (hotel charges, resort charges, Airbnb charges, etc), 
      • meals expenditures (breakfast, dinner, and lunch), and
      • other miscellaneous expenses. 
    • When it comes to virtual conferences, participants don’t have to bear any of the above unnecessary expenditures and can instead save up on their precious time and money. 
    • This makes virtual conferences a cost-effective alternative to the regular kind, meaning, in this time of a global pandemic crisis, when most people are stuck at home with nothing to do and no way to improve their prospects, the best way to seeing to that time is not wasted – which happens to be taking part in virtual conferences, also happens to be an incredibly convenient cost-effective alternative. 
  • Unparalleled Accessibility
    • This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages that taking part in virtual conferences offers participants willing to do so. 
    • They offer phenomenal accessibility in terms of – 
      • being able to access a wide variety of sessions (that one would normally miss out on owing to time constraints and scheduling difficulties), 
      • re-checking recorded sessions to gain further clarity on the subject matter, points, and concepts that one might have forgotten the first time around, 
      • being able to share and receive important data, files, and research info in real-time, 
      • having the capacity to deliver world-class, mind-blowing and edifying presentations from the comfort of one’s home, 
      • being able to check up on facts that might seem confusing right then and there, with the help of the internet.
    • All of these possibilities imply that virtual conferences in many aspects are better than regular face-to-face conferences because of the sheer scope of possibilities that they offer participants who dial in from across the planet. 
    • The sheer fact anyone from any part of the planet can take part in an international conference 2020, without having to catch a plane, book accommodations or move from their homes, is a testament to the unparalleled accessibility that virtual conferences offer delegates. 
  • Scope For Remote High-Level Networking
    • Meeting and interacting with domain experts, getting to know one’s peers and forging powerful professional bonds, relationships, collaborative partnerships, and research associations, is one of the biggest priorities of all those who take part in international conferences. 
    • Of all the misconceptions that people tend to have about virtual conferences, perhaps the most absurd of all of them happens to be that virtual conferences don’t offer opportunities to network and interface. 
    • This is not only far from the truth but also completely opposite from the fact of the matter, which is that virtual conferences offer more opportunities for delegates to engage with domain experts and field authorities.
    • Networking via virtual conferences is also more productive and more powerful owing to the reason that one-on-one engagement is intensified through the provisions of technology such as data sharing, instant transfer of contact details, the possibility to link up with contacts from anywhere in the globe, at any mutually convenient time. 
    • When it comes to networking through virtual conferences there is also no need to look for people and move around from conference room to conference room or exhibition center to center, in search of the person that you are looking for. 
    • Instead, all you have to do is to hit them up on the conference chat or send them an email asking them for their contact details so that you can set up a meeting. 
    • Most virtual conferences have time set apart from the regular schedule of events, especially for delegates to get to know one another and interact with each other. 
    • These social events are great opportunities for young and budding professionals to engage with the people within their disciplines whom they look up to and ask them for advice. 
  • Convenience Of An Informal Setting & Lack Of Formalities
    • Taking part in a Dubai international conference often involves conforming to sometimes needless formalities and small talk. 
    • Whether this be dressing in a formal way, so as to appear presentable, or making small talk to people whom you have not previously met and have no inclination of talking to, these informalities can often be burdensome even to the most extrovert and social of delegates and participants. 
    • Virtual conferences help keep participants at ease and keep things simple, which is often crucial to gain the most knowledge and learn at peace. 
    • Learning in comfort from one’s own home in a familiar setting, without having to put up with unknown people and the strangeness of an unknown and overcrowded conference hall, can prove to be incredibly helpful. 
    • Studies have shown that people who take part in virtual conferences are often likely to be way more productive than those who take part in a regular, face-to-face conference offering identical sessions and the same knowledge. 
    • This is owing to the fact that a comfortable environment fosters improved concentration and a more enhanced quality of learning, knowledge-transfer and all-round growth. 
    • When it comes to people looking to elevate their reputations by raising awareness about their research work and spreading the word about their groundbreaking research findings, by delivering powerful and compelling presentations, facing large crowds has always been the biggest deterrent to success. 
    • With virtual conferences, anyone wanting to deliver a powerful presentation can do so not only without having the fear of facing a massive crowd face-to-face but also use the power of technology to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking lecture/presentation of their research outcomes/conclusions.
    • Just like in regular conferences, delivering powerful presentations about one’s research work at virtual conferences also earns them numerous opportunities to further their careers, including – 
      • opportunities to collaborate with experts on groundbreaking research ventures, 
      • chances to have research papers/articles published in a popular Scopus publication or journal within one’s field, 
      • possibilities for gaining critical funding that could allow them to carry on their research ventures further and expand on their work, and 
      • numerous other lucrative career offers.
  • Putting Yourself Out Of Harms Way
    • Considering the present circumstances in which lives are literally at stake and any unwarranted contact between people could be detrimental, getting an opportunity to take part in an international or regional conference, from home, is a blessing. 
    • With the discovery of a vaccine far from being imminent, any sort of social contact, even the sort of contact that comes with conferences, can be restricted for the near future. 
    • Until a vaccine is discovered and rolled out (which will take a significant amount of time considering that no such viable discoveries have been made yet, as well as the fact that even if such a viable vaccine was discovered, the time and rate at which it would take governments around the world begin rolling out and dispensing these vaccines to their respective populaces) regular, face-to-face conferences might remain prohibited for quite some time. 
    • Instead of taking this as a sign for worry, professionals across various industries along with researchers, scholars, scientists, educators, and students across different segments of academia should look to seriously make full use of their time in isolation, by taking part in virtual conferences and doing something meaningful, while the world as we once knew slowly inches back to some semblance of normalcy. 

Find out when the next virtual conference is set to take place, right away, and utilize this time at home to full effect by getting access to the most advanced research studies, data, and figures, to help you stay up-to-date with all the developments that are transpiring in your field. Additionally, you could also expand your list of professional contacts by meeting with new and influential professionals within your field. In doing so, you can gain an edge over your competitors. While they’re still waiting for the world to return to normal, you can arm yourself with new skills that will prepare you well to elevate your professional standing and be ready when it does. 

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