Precedent Webinar

We wish you haven’t missed them
Knowledge Sharing on A to Z of Journal Publications (Survey to Citations !!)

This webinar focus on the research methodology and the selection of for publishing their research work, structure of a Journal paper, citations and the process of calculating impact factor.

Virtual Interactive Classroom for Teachers and the Challenging Technologies in Post Covid-19 Era

The Webinar focus on the tools used for implementing virtual classrooms, smart manufacturing, digital library, work from home, IoT & Data Sciences and how to write research article and thesis.

Research Article Writing and Publishing in Good Impact Journal

The webinar focus on deciding the title of the research paper, writing a research article ,drafting the abstract, selecting and publishing in a good impact journal.

AI Getting Used in Impact of Covid-19

This webinar focuses on AI and its applications, decision making and getting used in the impact of Covid - 19.