English Enunciation teaching is found to be one of the most intricate aspects in the English language teaching. The language teachers are incessantly uncertain with the comprehensive techniques of enunciation teaching. Precisely speaking, there are no demarcated, proficient and preeminent processes of teaching enunciation. This artefact explicitly analyses the imperative facts and intricacies in the English enunciation teaching. The key objective of this artefact is to delineate the term enunciation, confer the objective of enunciation, its eminence, exemplifying the role of teachers in teaching enunciation, with assorted approaches and finally mentions some propositions to facilitate the teachers to amplify the learners‘ enunciation. The appraisal of this literature depicts the momentous and prerequisite fact that only a phonetician can teach phonetics.


Enunciation, Objective, Prominence, Role, Proposals.