In the present world, due to rapid increase in population, generation of waste has increased and waste management is strenuous. If waste is not being segregated and disposed properly, it may lead to health issues. Segregation of waste is very important, if the waste is not separated properly, it all gets mixed up in the landfills. Disposal of non degradable wastes and toxic wastes might lead to soil pollution. Leakage of the waste might also pollute groundwater. Segregation of waste will also help in recycling of waste. This paper is about a smart bin robot which can travel like a robot and will have different bins to collect different types of wastes. It will be able to identify waste materials in the street through image processing technique and through its robotic arm, it will pick up and drop the waste in the particular bin which it carries. The smart bin can also be used as a collector of waste materials from houses through the mobile app using the GPS location of the user. Whenever the bins are filled, it will send a notification to the garbage truck for emptying it.

index Terms

Machine Learning , Collection, Segregation, mobile app, Google maps, YOLO