In the existing system, the air compressor is monitored daily by technicians and analysis. A properly managed compressed air system can save energy, reduce maintenance, decrease downtime, increase production and improve product quality. Companies are in the requirement of a system that continuously controls and monitors the air compressor to improve the overall energy efficiency of the Delayed Coker Unit (DCU). The main aim of the project is to control and monitor continually for any abnormalities in the Air compressor through Internet by monitoring the parameters like temperature , pressure, noise and vibration using electronic sensors. The sensor data are interfaced to ATMEGA328 microcontroller which is connected to the internet and transfers the critical parameters to IOT server. This system helps the organization to manage the risk of unscheduled outages and failures by generating an alarm, as well as sending an alert message to the maintenance department.. The system designed and developed is based on the real time data provided by Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL), Manali.