These days there are a wide range of problems in our country that needs immediate attention. Among them overloading of garbage bins and wastage of power by not using street light efficiently are the most prominent ones. We are providing solutions to these problems using the trending technologies available. Since the internet is available all over the world. IoT based garbage system will provide information about the level of the garbage container to the municipality authorities. Street light will turn on and off automatically depending on light intensity by the help of PIR and LDR module. These two systems which deals the garbage and power consumption, can reduce the workload of municipal and electricity board members whose responsibility is to continuously monitor the garbage bins and street light coming under their jurisdiction. In addition to this accident in curves and hairpin bends are serious issues. With reference to it, a smart accident detector which acts like a street light can be used. The basic idea is to plant this street light at the point of the hair pin bend and if there is a vehicle coming from the opposite direction the accident detector will serve as an indicator for that vehicle. In this way both the vehicles will be alerted and possible collision will be avoided. With the help of the system countries major problems on garbage, power, accidents can be reduced drastically.

Phase Change Material (PCM), V-Trough Solar Collector, Solar Air Heaters, Absorber plate, Free Convection