This paper is based on the research of emerging implantable medical instrumentations. An implantable Blood Pressure (BP) monitoring Microsystems is very essential to monitor patient‘s BP continuously and gives a warning when they are extreme and interim levels. The instrument should be accurately measure both systolic and diastolic values. Based on the readings the BP is categorized in to four (Ideal BP: diastolic=120 and systolic=80, low BP 90 and 60, Pre-hyper values are 140 and 90 and hypertension values are 190 and 100). BP consists one of the principal vital signs referring to the force entered by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. The system consists of instrumented elastic cuff, wrapped around a blood vessel, to sense real time blood pressure. In this paper, a MEMS based capacitive pressure sensor is to be designed with less than the dimensions of 0.4x0.5x0.4mm3, and with the approximate capacitance of less than 2pF and 1fF per mmHg.


MEMS, capacitive sensor, Blood Pressures, COMSOL software.