India which sees itself as a promising super power and an economic center is still trapped in the clutches of various patriarchal evils. Some of the problems which is haunting women are molestations, dowry, worst among all is Rape. So, it is essential to develop a system to provide security to women. The system allows women to protect herself from attackers. This system explains the basic idea which is to indicate a warning, giving an instant location of the victim to the police so that the incident could be prevented. By pressing the button of the system, a helping message along with her location will be transmitted by the system to the police station and her few relatives, so that they will get aware of her current situation. And if timely actions are taken many misfortunes could be avoided. The cruel act against the women can be now brought to an end with the help of this system.

The design and development of haptic based gloves find intense applications in several virtual reality applications. In this paper we propose the design of haptic based gloves, which are portable in nature that allows real time manipulation and interface of virtual components. The paper focusses on a variety of tactile senses based on the sense of touch such as temperature, vibration and the perception of sound using earphones. The microcontroller based approach is further simulated, implemented and tested with the relative virtual reality.


Haptic,virtual reality,sensors,model