Vision loss is one of the ultimate obstacles in the lives of the blind. According to Word Health Organization (WHO) currently there are about 285 million blind people in the world. The major problems faced by the blinds are navigating outside the spaces that they're accustomed to. In fact, physical movement is one of the biggest challenges for blind people. At an instance the blind victim fails to recognize the person or the objects around him and has been in problems since decades. Because of this, many people with no vision will prefer to stay back at home or need an assistance of sighted friend. To assist the blinds in this problems many inventions like Blind-stick, Navigators, Watches, Shoes have been made. Even though they have assisted them in many ways but have failed in satisfying the blinds in knowing the world around them (such as knowing the objects or persons around them). Our ambition is to use the modern technologies in the better way for providing the best and make it play a vital role in the betterment of blinds in the society. Our device lets the blind victim know the person standing in front of him and also some of the recognized objects around him. This helps the victim get the alternate vision of the world around him. The device stores the information in its own memory and learns every novel thing around it by itself with the assist of the person according to his comforts. Thus the electronic device will be a ray of hope for those 286 million people in the World. After using this electronic device they will know the objects, people, obstacles around them and it will be very useful in Real time.