The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing the connectedness of people and things on a scale that once was unimaginable. And it has become the buzzword in the current scenario. IoT enable us to sense the physical medium to access the data and transmit it through the communication channels by interconnecting the sensing medium and the applications. The data collected and stored remains as raw until it is been processed. The realization of this raw data into the contextual information will be executed by the linking technology called context aware middleware in the IoT systems. Middleware is the intermediary interface between the IoT sensing devices and the applications. Middleware is responsible for the generation of all the contextual information which varies in terms of content, usability, quality and complexity. Review has been carried out with respect to context aware middleware systems and self learning techniques in IoT with respect to soil health monitoring and evaluation system for Indian form lands which is the need of the day. The end to end security issues required for the safe communication needs to be addressed and is been reviewed. The gathered contextual information is been processed using data analytics techniques to draw conclusions.