In Industry various applications use the network system. The wireless sensor networks are used widely and becoming cost effective now days. One of the useful applications is health monitoring of railway and highway which plays an important role in transportation. Many bridges in world collapse due to deteriorating health, those factors must be monitored in order to avoid this collapse. This paper proposes bridge monitoring system using wireless sensor networks. The proposed system consists of multiple sensors to monitor the bridge condition continuously i.e. Accelerometer to detect the jerks in the bridge or in pillar, flex sensor to detect the bend or orientation in the bridge, load cell to detect the overload on the bridge. This data from the sensors will be processed by Arduino controller and is transferred to the receiver node at the management center using the transmitter node at the transmitter end whenever the fault occurs. Wireless ZigBee module is used as a wireless trans-receiver in this paper. Raspberry pi is used to monitor the received data which can also store the database in it. The GSM alert message is also sent to the operator along with the exact location where fault occurred in bridge. The proposed system can be used efficiently with low cost.


Arduino, Accelerometer, flex sensor, load cell, wireless sensor node, alert system using raspberry pi.