In today‘s era the enhancement in technologies is going day by day such as big data, cloud computing, IOTs are basically the most relevant technologies who are responsible for the increase in traffic on a single server. As we all know the traditional networks are non-programmable, complex management, highly expensive in nature, and tightly coupled control plane with data plane. Therefore, to overcome these traditional network-based issues a newly emerging technology Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been introduced which decouples the data plane and control plane and makes the network fully programmable. As controllers are programmable, so an efficient load balancing algorithms must ensure the effective management of resources as per client‘s request. In this article, we provide the qualitative comparison between the load balancing algorithms of Software Defined Networking to generate the best results of the following parameters i.e. throughput, transaction rate, & response time.


Software defined networking (SDN); Load balancing algorithms; Mininet; Sniper tool; Siege tool; Open flow.