The growing interest in the use of renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic energy systems, occurs due to the high cost of conventional energy sources and the environmental awareness linked to renewable sources. For photovoltaic panel‘s efficient operation, it is necessary the system presents appropriate cleaning conditions to the dirt do not obstruct the solar radiation incidence. In this context, periodic cleaning of photovoltaic panels is an obvious necessity. This work aims to present a market survey and patent analysis on the use of drones to perform cleaning tasks on photovoltaic panels. For that, it was noted the existence of different solutions for cleaning photovoltaic panels, all with positive and negative aspects in practical terms. the technology of drone for cleaning photovoltaic panels. The aircraft works in space with terrible circumstances far from the Earth, so it is necessary for the solar cell with the property of anti-radiation to perform bonding process. After bonding, an essential process to the solar cell assembly is to inspect the cracks on the edge or inside of the solar cell. To avoid utilizing the unqualified products and to improve the reliability of products, and to detect the cracks of solar cell by image processing, this contains gray transform, image adjustment, and crack distinguishing and so on.