Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in road transportation and vehicular traffic due to an exponential growth in economic development and consumption habits throughout the world. The effect of vehicular pollutant emissions is significantly more pronounced in an urban scenario, as compared to regional or global scale. As the world is progressing at a rapid terms of technologies, by utilizing fossil fuels we are moving away from greener earth. There is a need in finding an alternative source of energy which can sustain geological balance of our earth and compensate for the depleting fossil fuels. To overcome these crises, electric vehicles are introduced. At present, India is the largest market for automobiles with electric vehicle constituting less than 1% of the total number of automobiles on the road. There is just production of vehicles but there is no proper charging infrastructure. To overcome this public charging infrastructure is introduced. One of the key problems is public charging infrastructure


DC Direct current, OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturers, EV- Electric vehicle, AFDC- Alternative Fuel Data Centre, AC-Alternate current