The main idea behind this project is to maintain and control the flow, level and temperature of the water tube boilers used in process industries. Accurate measurement of boiler parameters is highly essential for maintaining the output of the boiler. A prototype of the existing process in the industry is developed using Raspberry pi, sensors and interfacing circuits. The water flow is sensed and monitored by flow sensor to maintain the outlet steam flow rate. The level of water in the boiler is of vital importance for the boiler safety. The level sensor maintains necessary operating water level by controlling the water inflow and detects the level of liquid in the boiler. LM 35 temperature sensor is used for measuring the temperature of the outlet steam. Temperature is maintained between two levels –40 ºC and 80 ºC. The output devices heating and cooling motor is interfaced with the Raspberry pi. The controller sends the control signal to operate these output devices based on digital PID velocity algorithm. When the measured parameters reach maximum value, the system will produce an alarm sound to the user informing that the maximum value has been reached. Scale down model of the boiler control and implementation of conventional PID control algorithm is carried out using Raspberry pi controller.


JDK 8.0, Android studio/Eclipse, Android SDK rev22, XML, Firebase, JSON.