A widely used TCP protocol was originally developed for wired networks. It has many variants to detect and control congestion in the network. However, Congestion control in all TCP variants does not show similar performance in MANET as in wired network because of the fault detection of congestion. In this paper, we do a performance comparison between TCP variants NEW RENO, SACK and Vegas in AODV and DSR reactive (On-Demand) routing protocols. Network traffic between nodes is provided by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application. Multiple scenarios are created and the average values of each performance parameters are used to evaluate the performance. Based on different performance metrics such as jitter, throughput, packet loss, signal received with error and bytes received, are taken in consideration to analyse the performance.

Index terms

Congestion Control, NEW RANO, TCP sack, TCP vegas, MANET, AODV, DSR