Heat treatment and weakening of poly methyl methacrylate and its composite Kaolin one the prominent material may be utilized in aircraft canopy , in comparison to LDHs has been concentrated to discover nano-composite if the nearness of ionic clay assumes any essential job on disintegration pathway. Nano-composite structural analysis controlled by XRD, tracer technique, impact of heat and conceivable disintegration has been inspected by calorimetry. There is no such contrasts in decay results for P.M.M.A and concerned nano-composites; however, weakening in the nano-composite observed at high temperature. It has been analyzed and then clarified that P.M.M.A falls apart by just a one of a kind, one way, so the clay can't advance one course to the detriment of another. The present work contains significant induction at the behest of barrier mechanism, being utilized to build up decrease in PHHR of nano-composites. It will absolutely demonstrate a valuable commitment noticeable in the air craft specially canopy manufacturing industries.


Poly methyl methacrylate; nano-composites; Cone calorimetry; Peak heat release Rate