In today‘s busy world it is difficult to find the location of the travelers those who are travelling to the same destination through different paths. Among the travelers if anyone gets disconnected with others then, delays will be more due to waiting. Nowadays all are using mobile phones which has features to receive GPS coordinates, this can be shared with each other to locate them. Then from a web client, the user can be followed on a map in a real time mode. But this system uses Google Maps and the GPS location of the single user. So, there is a need to combine multiple users to interchange their locations and moving tracks. So we are developing an app that is concerned about enhancing the Google map by collaborating with multiple users. Google Maps is a web mapping service developed by Google. . It offers satellite imagery, street map, 360 panoramic views of streets, real time traffic conditions and router planning for travelling by foot, car, or public transportation. By developing the enhanced system, the major problems like communication between travelers can be avoided, getting disconnected with each other and even delays which arose due to waiting for someone can be reduced. It also provides features for communication through broadcasting voice or textual messages. Our application improvises the drawback of locating single user to multiple users on a single device. Thus it improves communication between travelers who are travelling to the same destination via different path or in a few cases the same path.


JDK 8.0, Android studio/Eclipse, Android SDK rev22, XML, Firebase, JSON.