Concrete-filled steel tubular CFST structures are one of the modifications to combined load bearing composite steel-concrete structures. The composite CFST member usually consist of circular, rectangular or multi-side steel tubes, as external steel shells, and internal concrete core .Here an analytical investigation has been carried out using ANSYS software to understand the behaviour of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular inclined column subjected to vertical load.

The study is limited to understand the behaviour of inclined CFST columns fixed at bottom and hinged at top for 0o, 5o, 10o and 15o inclination only with the same geometric and material properties. The 6000mm height CFST columns are circular in shape with the diameter of concrete core and steel tube being 200mm and 192mm respectively for both upright and inclined column making the thickness of steel tube equal to 8mm. The characteristic strength of concrete and steel is taken as 20N/mm2 and 235N/mm2 respectively.