Agriculture is a significant economic activity that is being practiced from many years. Agriculture is evinced to be backbone of India which involves hard work and conscious efforts of a human being who tries to modify the earth‘s surface by cultivating crops. Irrigation is titled to be ―The Heart Of Agriculture‖ as it plays a vital role in the field of agriculture. Irrigation means providing controlled amounts of water to the plants at needed intervals. It not only helps to grow but also it maintains the agricultural crops and soils in dry areas during the period of drought. Our intention is to support our farmers by growing large number of crops using less amount of water. In order to fulfill these requirements, we are making use of latest emerging technologies such as IOT, Machine Learning,

Android Application, OpenCV and Cloud Computing which will be handled by our robot, the ―Heart of IrriServe‖ who will maintain all the field activities. Along with the trending technologies we are making use of two methods namely, Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation. Our main aim is to distribute an equal amount of water to the crops when needed. IOT these days has made everyone‘s life easier, so we want our farmers to utilize these for the betterment of their own and for our country.


IOT, Irrigation, Machine Learning, Conservation.