The combined effect of reinforcements on Metal Matrix Composites with individual and multiple particulate reinforcements like Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites are finding increased applications in aerospace, automobile, space, underwater, and transportation. This is mainly due to improved mechanical properties like strength, stiffness, abrasion, impact resistance, wear resistance and tribological properties. In the present scenario, a lot of research activities were on pipeline to replace the Synthesised Particulate Reinforced Composites (Micron or Nano level) to Natural Filled Particulate Composites which will be in the form of rocks or sand particles ( like Basalt, Kyanite, Beryl, Quartz, Chromium Sand, Clay, Zircon Sand, Alumina etc ) are used in Micro level. This paper reveals the possible outcome of the selection of materials (Either grounded rock powders or sand) by their contents in the rock powder and properties that can be achieved for the relevant Engineering Application.

Index Terms

Particulate reinforcements MMC, Stir Casting, Hybrid Composites, and Natural Filled Particulate(Basalt, Kayanite, Beryl, Quartz etc).