A warehouse is a mercantile architecture for entrepot of stuff. Warehouses are used by producers, dealers, traders, wholesalers, distributors, customs, etc. The use of a smart WMS is the cherry on top of all of your smart technology. This warehouse should be screened at regular intervals to reduce storage loss of food grains due to atmospheric conditions and are documented. With the enlargement of enterprises and the constant requirements of the product diversity, traditional warehouse management prototype cannot meet that, due to its heavy workload and low efficiency. To mitigate the manual labour work and to make the work easier, a smart warehouse is implemented which is enabled with several sensors and technologies. This paper intends to develop a smart warehouse monitoring system based on IoT. The network of sensors includes vibration, humidity, temperature, fire sensors. It is done with the help of Internet of things (IoT). Raspberry pi controller adopts IoT technology to convey the messages. Based on the sensor‘s data so captured, the software should do appropriate data analytics and send timely alert to concern officials of CWC through SMS for mitigation and remedial actions arising due to atmospheric conditions inside the warehouse. The system developed has great advantages compared with the traditional model in terms of cloud storage of the warehouse data.

Index Terms

IoT, Inventory management system, Smart warehouse management system .