Nearly three quarters of Indian families depend on agricultural income. Almost all crops suffer from plant diseases and insects like Tungro virus, moths and butterflies. Farmers find it difficult to identify actual disease. According to Indian crop survey, on an average scale of 80 percent of crops get damaged due to disease and insects. If the problems are known before then diseases can be prevented. There is a scope for improvement in these fields using IoT Technology. So, we are designing an IoT based robot that will monitor the crop and also the environment around the crop. This system uses machine learning technique to identify the problem and takes measures to prevent diseases and insects that harm the crops. Different sensors are used to study the environment, and a camera to detect the plant type and disease. A number of prototype guidance systems have been developed but have not yet proceeded to commercialization. Our crop monitoring system is efficient and affordable which will help the Indian farmers.


IoT, Agriculture, plant health, Crop monitoring.